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           ( Oil On Canvas  By Nisar Aziz )
                           ( Nisar Aziz )
NISAR AZIZ ( Nisar Aziz Beg )
Chinkral Mohalla Habba kadal ( Srinagar ) has produced two bright Artists . One being G R Santosh ( who rose to eminence on National Scene ) and another Nisar Aziz Beg popularly known as Nisar Aziz.
Though Nisar Aziz was a self taught man , Yet he contributed in his own way towards development of Modern Art Scenario of our state.
Nisar Sahib passed away recently ( Feb 2018 ) in USA . I believe many people have not heard his name . Media too left him unnoticed . Not much came up on his death in News Papers .
Padamshri Pran Kishore kaul Informed me :
“History of Modern Art In Kashmir is incomplete if we don’t make mention of NIsar Aziz and Ghulam Mohd Shad .They have also contributed in their own way . They were part of the carwaan that emerged post 1947 on the horizon of Art in kashmir valley. Nisar was a neighbour of G R Santosh . He learnt by observation alone . He would visit drawing Masters or Artists during his youth to learn and pick up basics . He would observe , watch and then try himself.”

Prof .Arvind Gigoo Informed me:

“ He would come to our house frequently . I remember my Grandmother had a special love for him. Whenever she cooked fish , She would first set aside two pieces for Nisar Aziz. He would come to learn Art from my uncle Dwarka Nath Gigoo . My Uncle was a poet, artist and a musician . So many people from the field of Art , Literature and music would come to him. Nisar Aziz was like a family member for us. He probably would also go to D N Wali to learn. My uncle had a special affection for Nisar as he was soft spoken , gentle and highly obedient . He was very serious towards learning. In fact we had one huge painting of Nisar Aziz that he had gifted to us and that was prominently hung in the corridor . Alas ! we lost that in the turmoil.
My uncle was a university teacher but later he moved to Gandhi College. Those were the days when appointments could be made on the basis of talent alone and not Certificates  And he had not to offer as he  a was not a matriculate .My uncle requested Pandit Shiv Narain Fotedar ( Secretary or president of the Managing committee ) and got him appointed as Art Instructor in Gandhi Memorial college . He was required to assist B.Ed. students in preparation of Charts and Models . Looking at his Talent in Drawing and ignoring his requisite Educational qualifications, Shiv Narain Fotedar sanctioned him a Professor’s pay . That was certainly something unusual .Since that day he came to be known as Professor Nisar Aziz. He was a thorough gentleman and a humble person . He was also connected with some local Drama club / Theatre . I don't remember. He once told me about his plans to go to Bombay for exhibiting his work at Jahangir Art Gallery. I am not sure if he visited Bombay later."

Shri Bansi Raina informs :

" Nisar Aziz  was a close friend of mine and a member of my theatre club Rangmanch.We have attended idd lunches at his house so many times that i do not have a count.Nisar worked in Field survey Organisation once along with Lassa Koul of DD... Akhtar Mohiddidin..Mohan Charagi and others .He was a self taught painter and we attended his exhibition in Bombay in early eighties.I did not know he had passed away. His house at Chinkral Mohalla Srinagar  was in the vicinity of  G R Santosh's house.MK Swaminetri and  Theatre Personality ML Saraf were also his neighbours."

Nisar Aziz held many solo Exhibitions in srinagar . One such Exhibition held inside Hotel Broadway was inaugurated by Sheikh Mohd Abdullah . He also held an Exhibition  of his paintings at Lalit kala Academy New Delhi.

He passed away in California on 12the Feb 2018. He was living with his son in USA.

Peace be to his soul.
( Autar Mota )

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