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A poem dedicated to  the suffering exiles world over …….

 (Meray Dil Meray Mussafir )

Meray dil meray mussafir
hua phir sey hukm sadir
ke watan badar hon hum tum

dein gali gali sadaayein
karein rukh nagar nagar ka
ke suraagh koyi paayein
kissi yar e nama bar ka

har ik ajnabi se poochhein
jo pata thha apney ghar ka
sar e kooey nashenayan
hamein din se raat karna

kabhi iss se baat karna
kabhi uss se baat karna
tumhein kya kahoon ke  kya hai
shab e gham buri balaa hai

hamein yeh bhi tha ganeemat
jo koyi shumaar hota
hamein kya bura tha marna
agar eik baar hota
( Faiz Ahmed Faiz )

My simple  English Rendering would be …

O Traveller! My Heart! I
Once again,
A decree was passed on us,
To leave this beloved land,
Cry and weep in distant lands.
Moving through alien cities,
We search for the postman
to bring us letters from our land.
From every stranger we seek
The whereabouts of our left over homes..
In this land of unknown people,
We have been ordained to spend our days and nights.
O Heart! Pass this time by talking to this or that fellow.
Do not ask us the pangs and agony of
this terrible evening of sorrow.
Even this living was better Heart!
If only we were made to know for how many days more.
For us even death was not unwelcome
Should it visit once only?
O Traveller! My Heart!,,....

( Autar Mota )

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