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Vijay Hangal has since retired as still cameraman from Bollywood. He is son of Film Actor late A K Hangal. Vijays’ wife died in May 1994 and he does not have any children. Avtar Krishen Hangal(1914-2012) moved to Bombay from Pakistan in 1949 after undergoing a 3 year prison term in that country. In Bombay, he was involved with the theatre group IPTA along with Balraj Sahni and Kaifi Azmi.

A K Hangal was born in a kashmiri Pandit family of Sialkot.Due to his father's employment, the family moved to Peshawar.After his father retired, Hangal moved to Karachi. At Karachi, he joined Communist Party and went to Prison several times agitating against the British rule. He also opened a Tailoring shop to earn his livelihood.

                                                         ( Young  A K Hangal )

"My earliest memory is that of my mother. It was late at night and I was fast asleep. They came and woke me up and dragged me downstairs. I must have been about four or five years-old then. I saw them crying and I looked at my mother lying there. She lay calm and still. As they were all crying, I too cried. That was the last time I saw my mother.When the crying stopped, my sister took me upstairs and put me to bed. Mother had not been well for some time, and her brother, following the advice of some old women in the family, had taken her to a daee (midwife), who could not treat her effectively, and mother died." - 

Excerpt from Hangal's autobiography" LIFE AND TIMES OF A K HANGAL"...

About A K Hangal , My Friend Kamlesh Vakil Adds:

“Remember AK Hangal  when he came to Press Club of India. I introduced myself as a Kashmiri and Neerja as my spouse. His first reaction was to Neerja” If you are a Kashmiri where is your Dejhour? ”. She immediately flaunted  it and he was so happy that he stood up and blessed us both.So great was he at around 90 and still remembered his roots.”       



 And Rajendranath Zutshi ( Born 1961 ) or Raj Zutshi is a well known film and TV actor and Grandson of Dina Nath Zutshi Renowned Radio Artist . Late Dina Nath Zutshi had also been associated with Theatre .


And we saw Dina Nath Zutshi in " Halim's " role in 1974 award winning movie GARAM HAWA.

Dina Nath Zutshi was son of Tribhwan Nath Zutshi "Zaar" noted Urdu poet from Lahore.Tribhawan Nath Zutshi served as professor of Urdu and Persian in a Degree College at Lahore. Zutshis were actually from Sita Ram Bazar Delhi and later moved to Lahore. During Mutiny of 1857, Zutshis had shifted to Meerut.

Well know Urdu poet Pandit Anand Mohan Zutshi "Gulzar" or Gulzar Dehlvi ,who lives at NOIDA belongs to this Zutshi clan.Raja shiv Nath Zutshi from this Zutshi clan of Bazar Sita Ram Delhi was advisor to Mughal Emperor Shall Alarm II.

( Autar Mota )


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