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 ( Surdass )

Word Udho has come from   Udhav meaning friend of Sri  Krishna .  Madhav and Udhav are names  given to   Sri Krishna and his  friend  from Yadava Clan . Uddhava was the son of Devabhaga, Vasudeva’s brother. Born and raised in Mathura, Uddhava was a great intellectual, educated by Brihaspati ( His Guru ). He was among the first Yadava to befriend Sri  Krishna when the latter was brought by Kansa to Mathura from Vrindavan.

 This is a Rasleela  sung by Gopis as they Krishna   . Surdass wants to convey feelings of Gopis through this  poem. And Gopis  convey to Udhav  that fate does strange (  out of the ordinary) things in  this world. The opening lines also mean  that quite often , our actions ( *Karma used as Karman ) bring strange results .Gopis believe and trust  Udhav  for he is sure to convey all this to Krishna. .
This is one of the most popular Bhajans of Surdass  attributed to Meera Bai by some people .I need to elaborate.

You may find a fool occupying the throne While a wise Man  begging from door to door for subsistence. How strange it appears that a rivulet  that feeds to smaller number of  living creatures, carries clear and sweet water while an ocean that is magnanimous and is required to support millions , carries tasteless salty water. A Crane   has little  to offer   yet moves with bright feathers while a Koel that sings so sweet and soulful is dark.And look at the Deer;  A gorgeous   creature with beautiful  eyes yet roaming unnoticed in the jungles .

"Udho karman ki gati Nyaari
Nirmal neer ( 1) diya sarita ( 2) ko
Saagar(3) kis vidh   khaari (4)…..
Ujale  pankh  diye Bagule ko
 koyal kis vidh kaari…
Sundar Nayan Diye Mirgan( 5) ko
Ban Ban Phirat Ujaarri ..
 Moorakh  Moorakh  Raaj karat hai 
 Pandit (6) phirat bhikari (7)…"

( Surdass )

(1) Water (2) River (3)Sea (4) Salty  (5) Deer (6) Learned Man  (7)Beggar

Surdaas is intense in  his language and thought .  He was a Blind saint  and  poet  .He is reported to have been born somewhere near Agra  in 15th century. His Poetry is full   SAGUN Bhakti profound in devotion to  Sri Krishna . His language is Braj Basha as spoken in Mathura and Agra belt.

 Sur-saagar ( a collection of 1,25,000 verses in devotion to Sri Krishna)  was  written during the Bhakti Movement of 16th century by saint poet Surdaas.

I love the eloquence and perfection with which  Hindustani  Classical singer  Shoba Gurtoo  sings this composition ..

( Autar Mota ) 


* Karma

Theory of karma has been profoundly enunciated in Bhagwat Geeta , a sacred scripture of Hindus  .Karma is the law of Cause and effect and an integral Part of Hindu Philosophy . In simple terms, A person's actions determine his fruits or results . While doing or thinking about something , human beings create a cause  which is bound to create its effect. Since Hindus believe in life after death ,  they also believe that a Good Karma ( Deeds ) in present life may be rewarding in next Life.And Karma is done as per Dharma (Righteousness ). 

Bhagwat Geeta classifies karma in three categories .The satvik karma, which is without attachment, selfless and for the benefit of others; the rajasik karma, which is selfish where the focus is on gains for oneself; and the tamasik karma, which is undertaken without heed to consequences, and is supremely selfish and savage.

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