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Sunset Time …. Mumbai

(Mobile Photo ..Autar Mota )

 I am in Mumbai.For a man from snow clad hills, Mumbai is hot and humid at 34 degrees Celsius. Heat may not trouble you but humidity does. you are wet with sweats should you stay out or walk. No choice but to Stay dry and cool inside under an Air Conditioner .Read Newspaper. Watch TV .Stroll out to some nearby beach to enjoy an evening sea breeze.

Oh yes the newspapers ;Today Most of the papers in Mumbai carry story about an Indian drug Baron  and his drug manufacturing activities in India. A business meant to kill our youth .A business meant to kill Nation's future. A business meant to bring misery and grief in many homes.

I don't know why the nation is not up against this activity  . Believe me when I say that Drug and substance abuse is a reality in our society. It has since arrived . Now  Let us Drive it out collectively.
Every parent needs to know it. Every parent needs to be careful.Every parent needs to Keep a watch on his growing and innocent child. We are living in a different world now.

After completing their 10 plus 2 education, children move away from us.They do not stay with us. Be careful if you find your child gets often irritated for no reasons. Be careful if he or she is disconnecting or switching off his mobile phone on weekends or holidays.Be careful about his mood swings and sudden behavioural changes.Be careful if he or she is demanding money for no obvious reasons or neglecting personal hygiene or absenting from class rooms or showing gradual decline in grades and scores. Every child is vulnerable to this menace that is in every University or college .It has almost arrived inside every Hostel that is left to the mercy of conniving Guards.

In every city , this menace is  tempting our youth  and inviting them to a fatal path. If it is Knocking at your neighbour's door today, it may arrive at your door tomorrow. I saw how it is killing our youth in Punjab. I see it spoiling many families in  J&K , Haryana, Himachal ,Delhi ,Karnataka, Kerala,Rajasthan, UP, Maharashtra and many other states . .I am informed of its deadly spread in our  North Eastern States .

Call it by any name ; Brown sugar,Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy, Hashish, Marijuna , Party Drug, LSD , Methaqualone etc., it is killing our youth and bringing untold miseries to their families.
I saw Parents running from pillar to post to get their children treated for this fatal addiction. I am speaking about brilliant children lured to this vicious circle in universities and professional colleges. I know how parents and families are suffering from this menace.I know how children once treated for de-addiction are slipping back and becoming problem not only for their families but for the society in general .The lesser said the better it is as we have no time for lectures .No time for seminars on the issue..No time for political slogan mongering on the subject..Only action and action  is what should come from all fronts now.

Shame  the silent majority that looks the other way on an issue that has arrived at their doorsteps and knocks  to enter .My dear friends, Dear thinkers ,Dear opinion makers, Dear Leaders , Dear Social workers  and my countrymen in General ..Break this deadly silence .Rise and let us seek stringent laws for drug peddlers and suppliers Why notagitate for a minimum of  life imprisonment forall those engaged in this nefarious activity  ? Why not equal punishment to all the  conniving officials meant to check this menace? Why not exemplary punishment to Guards and wardens inside college and university Hostels where this menace has arrived  ?Why not confiscate properties owned by active agents or passive collaborators and freeze their Bank accounts through firm legal statutes. They need to be dealt under stringent law and treated as enemies of the Nation.

 Simultaneously there is a dire need to open large number of  Govt run  deaddiction and Rehabilitation  centres in all cities. Centres headed by professionals and  Trained staff so that  easy and cheap access is provided to victims from poor and weaker sections. We need a Sulabh style of Campaign on this front immediately. Our youth need to be brought out from this trap .Their parents need help and support from the state .My request to our law makers, social activist ,political leaders and masses in general to join hands  to drive out this monster ..

 Let me conclude with some lines of  poet Firaq Gorakhpuri  on “Children of India” ..

"Zameen e Hind hai gehwaara Aaj bhi Humdum,
Agar hisaab kareiney duss crore bachon kaa,
Yeh bache Hind ki sab se barri amaanat hain,
Har eik bache mein hain sad jahaane imkanaat,
Magar wattan ka hal O uqadh Jin ke haathh mein hai,
Nizame Zindagi e Hind Jin ke bas mein hai,
Ravaaya dekh ke unn ka yeh kehnaa Pad'taa hai,
Kisse pa'ddi hai ke woh samjhe iss amaanat ko,
Kisse pa'ddi hai ke bachon ki Zindagi ko bachaaye
Kharaab hone se mitney se sookh jaane se..."

(Autar Mota)

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