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EXODUS …By noted kashmiri Painter  Masood  Hussain

If you are in exile , you  influence the Cultutre of the  alien   Land  .  You also get influenced  by its culture and traditions . And   above all,  you also keep  influencing  the people  from whom you move away because  they  keep you in their  memories  for any reason whatsoever.   And sensitive  artists are no exception.

Moved by the migration of a vast majority of kashmiri Pandits after the onset of Armed Militancy  in Valley, Masood Hussain painted some frames on the subject. Apart from  “ LONELY SHARIKA   “ another relief  (done in 2004)  that attracted attention in the world of Art was EXODUS. The painting is meant to describe the exile or  Homeless existential condition of kashmiri Pandits.

M interpretation and  understanding of this Work of Art is as under: 

"The painting depicts the Sacred  Time Chord or   TRIKONA drawn as a window   representing Past, Present and Future . A Bird is shown jumping out from this Time chord . Jumping to Uncertainty . Flying out to something that is not described . The background of the Trikona has been painted red representing Fire and blood,  Both end products of Violence back home. The Bird appears to be having   demonstratively  square shaped white wings . A square is associated with  four  cardinal directions  that are open to this  bird for its flight outside the window.  The white colour shown in the relief is  associated with Peace and Hope  .A flying Thread is also shown tied to the bird . And to the other end of this thread , we can clearly see the Dangling   Deijj-Hurra  . 

Deijja -Hurra is an ancient  rich cultural symbol  or an ornament associated with a kashmiri Pandit woman  .   Made from  Gold ,  Deijj – Hurra is a  Shatkona ( Hexagon ) Yantra or a  symbol of Shiva and Shakti  ,  worn by kashmiri Pandit Woman  for  Youthfulness and Martial Bliss . Like Mangal Sutra , It is a symbol of Suhaag or  Happiness in  a  woman’s  married life .

While the Bird is bodily trying to fly out to  safety , The Deijj-Hurra  or the Cultural Drag is still towards inside  of the Time Chord represented by the Trikona . 

A Tragic  Predicament that an Artist can only understand."

( Autar Mota )

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