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BARF AUR AAG ( The snow and the Fire )
Hindi Poems by Nida Nawaz ( Nida Nawaz Bhat )
Published by
Antika Prakashan ,
C-56, UGF,-4
Ghaziabad (UP)...201005
Tel...0120-2648212  And 09871856053
ISBN  978-93--81923-95-5
Price Rs235/=
This is a second collection of Hindi Poems by Nida Nawaz ( Born 1963 ) .His first book “Akshar Akshar Rakt Bharaa “ was well received . The present book was released today at K L Sehgal Memorial Hall at Academy of Art Culture And Languages , Jammu in a simple but well attended function.
Nida needs no introduction . As writer , his conceptual frame work is clear and free from any ambiguity . As poet , Nida is sensitive and deeply conscious of the rich heritage and history of his native land . His language is direct meant primarily for integration, joining disunited hearts and spreading goodwill.
His Urdu poems have also been published in a Book titled “ Kiran Kiran Roshini “. Apart from this he has also translated some kashmiri poems into Hindi for “Ujalaa Raaj-Maarg “ published by Sahitya Academy. He is recipient of many honours and awards for his Hindi Writing.
Optimism is his eloquent Slogan .
The book is Dedicated to his grand Ancestor Acharya Udh Bhat and his own son Neeraj Nawaz Bhat .Nida is a postgraduate in Hindi ,Urdu and Psychology .He writes in Hindi ,Urdu and his own mother tongue kashmiri.


The poems in the Book present moving tales of pain , suffering , hopes and dreams . The poet has also touched some other subjects like the despair of Middle Existence, Women empowerment and the criminal act of killing a girl child .However the book essentially deals with issues of Militancy , suffering and pain of the people across religious divide . It has 63 poems spread in 112 pages , hard bound and is moderately priced at Rs235/=
The author informed ,
“ The Armed Militancy tore apart the age old , time tested and the strong bond of Peaceful co existence in our kashmir. The TANDAVA of wanton Death and Destruction brought forth an atmosphere of hatred and intolerance thereby halving the soul of kashmiriat . Religion and Politics were used to fuel the fire that smoldered and engulfed a Tradition and culture that had evolved over thousands of years .Even saner voices turned mute under fear and fright. A section of the population was left with no choice but to move out to save their lives . This group had to face innumerable hardships to survive in an alien environment .
A large section of peace loving common populace that stayed back, felt sandwiched between two armaments . One representing the Militants and the other being the cruel apparatus unleashed by some exploitative players representing the State .”
I quote some poems from this book….

 Lines from his poem (Mein Paloonga Eik sapna)
or ( I shall Nurture a Dream )...

“Jin Logon ke pass nahin Hotaa koyee ishwar ,
Woh Nahin Banaatay talwaarein , Kirpaan aur Trishul.
Na hi unn ke paas hotaa hai dar ,
Na hi doosaron ko Daraanay ki koyee Baat…….”

( Those who do not possess a God ,
Never do they make Swords, Kirpaans or Tridents,
Neither are they afraid of anything ,
Nor do they utter a word to frighten others )

Eik Aur Fatvaa Jaari kiyaa hai
Hamaare Shahar ke Bade Moulavi ne
Log Gharon ke Phool Daanon mein ,
Phool Nahin Balki Pather Rakh Lein ,
Aur jis gali se
Satya Chaltaa Dikhaai dhe
Sangsaar Kiyaa Jaaye …
( The Grand Molvi of our city has
passed one more Fatvaa now .
“Instead of flowers ,
People should keep stones in flower pots ,
And should they see Truth in any street ,
He be stoned all over …”

From Poem “Tumhaara kashyap “or Your Rishi Kashyapa ..This poem is dedicated to Noted Kashmiri Poet late Arjun Dev Majboor  .  Late Majboor had also to leave kashmir valleyin 1990  due to widespread Militancy and live as an exile far away from his motherland .Calling him Baba , Nida writes..

Baba , Ab Ki Baar
Hamaari Ghaati Mein Risaa Hai Utnaa paani
Ki jis ko Nahin Nikaal saktaa akelay
Tumhaara yeh Kashyap .
Lekin , Baba Palat hi Jaayeingay Itihaas ke pannay
Deir ya saveir
Aur Poori Ho Hi Jaayegi Pathreeli Pahaadon ke beech
Nirvasan ka Taap Jhelnay waalon ke
Dil Ki Jholion mein
Sanbhaali huyee
Ghar Lautanay ki
Utkutt ichhaa ..Baba

( Father , This time , we had too much of rainfall in the valley
And your kashyapa is not in a position to clear it alone ..
But Father ,
The pages of history shall have to change ,
Sooner or Later ,
hopes shall materialize into reality for Those,
who bear the heat of existence living on hills of boulders ,
And Nurturing passionate dreams of return to their homes, Father .)

(Tum Zaroor Gaana Meri Laadli ) or
You must sing My darling Daughter

Tum Darnaa nahin meri laadli ,
Tum Zaroor Muskaraana Meri Laadli ,
Aur Muskaraatay Muskaraatauy Gaana Koyee Geet ,
Pyaar ka ,
Maanavtaa ka ,
Brahmaand ka ..
You Must not get frightened My Darling Daughter ,
You must keep smiling my little Child ,
And smilingly , you must sing some song ,
A song of Love ,
A song for Humanity
And the song of this great Universe .)
( This poem is dedicated to the Girls who started PRAGAASH , the first Music band in kashmir valley )

(Woh Miltii hai )
I see her
( Wijood e Zun se Hai Tasveer e Qaaynaat Mein Rang )
“Woh Miltii hai ,
Ultra sonographic screen par ,
Maa Ke garb mein Dubkii,Anjaane dar se Sehmi,
Eik Doctor ko Hatyaare ke roop mein dekhtii Huyee “
( The existence of the woman lends colour to the picture of this universe )
I see her ,
I see her on the screen of the Ultra sound machine ,
Huddled with fear ,
Inside her mother’s womb,
Staring at the doctor , who , to her ,
Looks like a Killer .
( This poem is dedicated to a Girl child aborted criminally in her mother’s womb )

While speaking at the book release function , Sh Ramesh Mehta former Secretary Academy of Art Culture and languages ( The chief Guest of the function ) said ..

“ Now that Nida Nawaz has taken up the torch in his hands , He needs to ensure that the flame of the Truth and Light is kept burning . Let it burn till entire darkness is dispelled . His poems are crisp and based on concurrently relevant issues . I am impressed by his style of presenting human pain and suffering .These poems inspire compassion and firm belief in Human values . His poems flow like the Grand Vitasta river of Kashmir that is witness to rise and fall of so many empires and changes . I salute his unflinching faith in HUMANITY . "

(Autar Mota )                          

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