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(Photo Shailesh Mota.. Feb 2015 )

“””” Snow ! Why have you gone so far off from Our Kashmir ? “”””

To this photo and above thought , I am adding lines from Habba Khatoon’s lyrical complaint …

Dil Nithh Tchol-hom Roshey
Wolo Myaani Poshey Madno….

Walaai vei’ss Gatchhavaai *Handhey
Laaneiyan Nyaai kattie Andhey
Lu’kka Mae’tti  kad'nuss Randhey
……………….. Wolo Myaani Poshey Madno….

Walaai vei’ss Gatchhavaai *Hi’yey,
Yuuss Guv Su Kaettu Yiyey ,
Praaraan Chhuss Tchaanie Ziyey
……………….. Wolo Myaani Poshey Madno….

Walaai vei’ss Gatchhavaai Aabus
Duniyaa chhu Neindre Khwaabus
Praaraan Chhus Bo’ Jawaabus
……………….……… Wolo Myaani Poshey Madno….
( Habba Khatoon )

Having taken away my heart ,
How far off have you gone my love?
Come , My love , My flower ! My Consort !

Friend , Come , Let us go to collect dandelion ,
When shall these knotted strings of fate get untied ?
And now people take pleasure in my humiliation ,
Come , My love , My flower ! My Consort !

Friend , Come , Let us go to collect Jasmine flowers ,
The one who departs , Does he return thereafter ? Tell me .
While I keep waiting , Let you prosper .
Come , My love , My flower ! My Consort !

Friend , Come , Let us go and get water ,
This world is in a deep slumber at this moment , Love .
I wait for your response now .
Come , My love , My flower ! My Consort !

This lyric is possibly the finest expression of longing in kashmiri . I rate it as the best for its simplicity and the original vigour of the native language . Both the diction and idiom are just sweet and fresh. Profound is the complaint of separation conveying an intense longing . 

Some more poets came very close to this lyrical style of Habba Khatoon. About 50 years after her death, Akamal Ud Din Beg (1646-1723 AD ) wrote his popular song…Baaeli Haai Rumaai Rumaai ( My Beloved ! Every tissue is filled with your longing only ).This song bears very close similitude to Habba Khatoon’s popular Lyric … Chhu Me Baaeli Tamanna .

About 200 years after Habba Khatoon , ArinMaal ( a kashmiri Pandit Poetess ) used this Lyrical style in her poems . Her popular poems sung till today are Arni Rang Goam Shraavan Yiyey Kar Yiye Darshun Diyey ( The pallor of fading flower has fallen on the midsummer Jasmine bloom in me . O when shall these eyes see him again ) , Me kar Tuss kitch Poshan Maala Ta Aaluv Diya tosii ( I have made flower garlands for him , Just Hail him , friends . ) and Tee Kuss nisha hykaa haavith ba ( That longing , How can I show it to any person )

Mehmood Ghaami also wrote some poems in this lyrical style . I quote one … Dil Nithh Raet Thhum Goshey, Wolo Myaani Poshe Madno ( Taking away my hear t , You stopped paying heed to me . Come , My love , My flower ! My Consort !)

Later Mehjoor ( 1897-1952 AD) also wrote Poshi Maetti Jaanaano ( My Love ! Fond of flowers .) Mehjoor was inspired when he heard some village women singing Habba Khatoon’s ... Wolo Myaani Poshey Madno..sitting beside the babbling Doodh Ganga stream in Kashmir valley.
So Long So Much for today …….
( Autar Mota )

Handh and Vopul Haak are grown in upper hills of kashmir especially in areas of Gurez , Gulmarg and Shopian etc. Leaves of Handh and Vopul  Haak were cooked and eaten by kashmiris for rich  nutritive and medicinal properties . Both are Diuretic and rich in antioxidants . Handh and vopul Haak find mention in  a vaakh ( Four line poem ) of kashmir's saint poetess  Lal Ded as well. Hee Posh ( Hiyey ) is the kashmiri name of Jasmine flower.

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