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SUNSET NEAR SANTORINI IN GREECE ..(  All Photographs by  Sandeep Mota September 2014 )

As the evening sun drowns itself in the sea water near Santorini , Cameras click all along the hill cottages .Tourists visit this place to see a new township created over ancient volcanic eruptions and more specifically the Sunset from hills around the sea .All the buildings of this small town with a population of about 15000 souls are white in colour . Tastefully white washed . 

Hotels remain packed to capacity . Santorini is visited by tourists from all over the world who come to Greece .The place is emerging as a favourite Honeymoon Destination for young married couples.
Visitors come to see Santorini’s Deep blue waters and beaches with white, red or black sand or volcanic pebbles. Exceptional quality wines produced from Grapes grown in Volcanic ash soil ,Fantastic Rock formations around the sea and bewitching lunar landscapes are also major tourist attractions of Santorini . 

Some islands in the southern Aegean sea make up SANTORINI ‘s Municipal area .The islands are Santorini, Therasia , Nea Kameni, Palaia Kameni, Aspronisi, and Christiana. Santorini and Therasia are inhabited  while the rest islands are uninhabited. Santorini has a Climate that is closer to Hot Desert type with two main seasons ; April to October is the warm and dry season and the cold and rainy season lasts from November to March.
There are no rivers and accordingly water is scarce commodity in this area .The soil is full of volcanic ash and suitable for selective crops . Santorini got its independence from the Ottomon rule in 1821 and became a part of Greece in 1830. 
Some excavations have established the area as a prominent site of ancient MINOAN civilization . Possibly a major volcanic eruption during MINOAN period wiped away this grand civilization from this area .
Santorini was also a part of ancient Egyptian , Greek and Roman Empires.
To reach santorini from Athens , one can use many modes of transport. A ferry ride is equally enjoyable. Ferries run four to five times a day and take about 4 hours . Online advance bookings are usually done by tourists for this ferry ride.Restaurants, cafes, bars and Decks are available for any class of Travel in a Ferry.

On Economic front ,Greece is struggling to come out of  its gloomy position created by high External Debt , High Taxation , Dependence on Subsidy support from European union, Recession , Unemployment and  Stagnant Labour Market .At the moment and Tourism is the backbone of the economy.
Eastern Orthodox Christianity is recognized as the "prevailing religion" in Greece.

( Autar Mota )

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