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 SHAZ TAMKANAT (1933-1985 )

Mauj o Saahil Se Milo ,

Maah e Kaamil se Milo ,

Chashm e Purnam se milo ,

Gul o shabnam se Milo 

Naaz Se Kham se Milo ,

Sab se Fursat se Milo ,

Noor o Nikahat se Milo 

Aeisho Raahat se Milo ,

Sab -Nazaaron Se Milo ,

Nau Bahaaron se Milo ,

Shokh Dhaaron se Milo ,

Tum Hazaaron Se Milo ,

.....................................Sab se Mil Aao To 

Ek Baar Meray Dil se Milo ….............. 

( Shaz Tamkanat )

I have been an old admirer of this composition of Shaz Tamkanat sung by Munni Begum,Ustaad Rais Khan and Vithal Rao from Hyderabad , India . Shaz was a unique poet from Deccan and his Language WAS  similar to Maqdoom Mohi Ud Din . A romantic poet , Shaz had an exclusive expression and lyricism .

Misaal e Shola O Shabnam Rahaa hai aankhon mein...

Voh Eik Shaks Jo Kam Kam Rahaa hai aankhon Mein ...

Kabhi Ziyaada Kabhi Kam Rahaa hai aankhon Mein,

Lahuu Ka silsilaa Paiham Rahaa hai aankhon Mein ....

( Shaz Tamkanat )

His real name was Syed Muslehuddin who became Shaz Tamkanat at a very young age . 

His close friend , poet and film script writer Akhtar Ul Iman writes 

“ Shaz is a unique person . He has the capacity to pull Modernism and classical tone simultaneously through his poetry . Unlike me , he is essentially a poet of GAZAL. He appears to be having closest encounters with life and its nakedness . Even this aspect is romanticized wonderfully by him through his poetry .”

In 1983, Shaz was awarded a doctorate degree by Osmania university for his thesis on Makhdoom Mohi Ud din. He finally served as a faculty member in Urdu Department of Osmania university Hyderbad .

zindagi ham se tere naaz uthaaye na gaye,

saans lene ki faqat rasm adaa karate thhay

ham baras padte the 'Shaz' apnii hii tanhaaii par,

abr ki tarah kisi dar se uthaa karatay thhay.

( Shaz Tamkanat )

And then my Favourite Gazal written by Shaz ..

Meray naseeb ne jab mujh se inteqaam liyaa 

Kahaan kahaan Teri yaadon ne haath thaam liyaa 

fazaa ki Aankh bhar Aayee havaa kaa rang Urraa

sukuut-e-shaam ne chupake se teraa naam liyaa 

Wo Mein Nahin thaa ek harf bhi na kah paayaa 

Wo bebasi thi ke jis ne teraa salaam liyaa 

Har ek Khushi ne tere Gam ki aabaruu rakh Lee

har ek Khush i se tere Gam ne inteqaam liyaa

I also love the Soulful rendering of this Gazal by Begum Akhtar .

Shaz was a lover of Kashmir. He visited Kashmir three or four times noticeably during the Jashn e kashmir Celebrations  . He also wrote a Poem on Kashmir . I quote some lines …

Arze Kashmir Mehaktay Huve nagmon Ki zameen 

Teri Mehki Huyee Badmast Havaaon Ko Salaam 

Nikhat Aabaad e jahaan Gulshan e Atr o Ambar 

Teray aakaash Ki Madhmaati Gataaon Ko Salaam

Ganj e Paigaam e tarab Goshaa e Jannat aasaar 

Teri Gaati Huyee Pur Kaif fazaaon Ko salaam 

Teray Ashjaar Hain Insaan ki Bulandi ke Naqeeb ,

Teray Baagon Mein Mehakti Huyee Khushboo Ka Dhuvaan ..

Chamapayee Kheit Teray Jaisay Shafaq Ka bistar ,

Vaadiyaan Aisee ki Khwaabon ke Jazeeron Ka gumaan ..

His son FAWAD TAMKANAT ( Born 1962 ) is a talented artist from Hyderabad who has held many successful Exhibitions in India and abroad .

I came across a letter that Shaz had written to his friend and successful Bollywood script writer and Urdu Poet Akhtar Ul Imaan in 1959. Akhtar was struggling in Mumbai’s film world though he had made his name as a Poet of Modern Urdu NAZM. Shaz had asked for some money just three Hundred rupees that he needed . 

I quote from the reply sent by Akhtar Ul Imaan 

“ Dear Shaz ! I do not have money just now. But do write when you need this amount exactly and how long can you wait . Do you need three hundred or a lesser amount ? Shaz I want to show you the glimpse of my personal life .I fell seriously ill two years ago and in that period I took some amounts as loan from different people . Here is the list ..

1 Nasir Khan Rs500/=

2 Akhtar Hussain Rs500/=

3 Kamaal Amrohi Rs 200/=

4 Rajinder Singh Bedi Rs200/=

5 Ali Sardar Jafri Rs100/=

6 Majrooh sultanpuri Rs150/=

7 K A abbas Rs75/=

I had also to sell the ornaments of Sultana ( wife ). Presently She has been asking for Rs500/= as she wants to go to her parental house with children but I am helpless..Had I Rs300 with me at this juncture , I would have first solved your problem . But rest assured some money shall come to you”

And then with the release of Three films namely KANOON , MUGHL E AZAM ( One of the co writers ) and WAQT, Akhtar Ul Imaan Suddenly shot into prominence . Akhtar Ul Imaan wrote memorable dialogues for B R Chopra's Waqt ( Chunayee seth ! Jin Ke Ghar sheeshe .... ). His Financial status Improved radically . He rose to a status where from he could call the shots .He bought a Flat and Booked two more Flats at Band stand . 

Simat simat si gayee thii zameen kidhar jaata..
Me uss ko bhuultaa jaata huun varna mar jaata..
Kal uss ke saathh hi sab raaste ravaana huve,

Me aaj ghar se nikaltaa to kis ke ghar jaata.....


( Shaz Tamkanat )

( Autar Mota 02.09.2014 )


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