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Vaavan dietch beyii zeer barrus
Vo’thh thhav vaapas seer barrus
Vaen Chha Atchaan Daariev kien luukh
Bronh Aa'ss badda tauqeer Barrus

( Farooq Nazki )

In English , I would say………………….

“ Once again, The wind has pushed the door ajar
Get up , Put the brick once more behind this door
Nowadays, People make entry through the windows,
Earlier, These doors enjoyed respect and esteem.. “ 

Ordinary lines yet charged with explicit helplessness of the poet against prevailing state of affairs . The wind and the door have been symbolically used by the poet to convey something serious apart from his own pain and sorrow over it .

The wind , angry and unpredictable, while the door , helpless and supported by an ordinary brick . In this see-saw game between the wind and the door , the inhabitants of the house have learnt to bypass the troubled door . They make entry from the windows instead. A quandary so evident in the distressed times that we live in.

                                               ( Avtar  Mota with Poet Farooq Nazki )
                                                                   ( Farooq Nazki 2018 )

FAROOQ NAZKI ( Born 1940 ) is a well known name in contemporary literary world of Kashmir. He has equally established himself amongst the frontline Urdu poets of the country .Essentially a romanticist , Nazki added new metaphors , modernism and positivity to Kashmiri poetry through his subtle and deft use of words and ideas .

Karaa Ba Maan tche Saaetien Chhusaa ba Tuthh Laayak
Tche Shaah savaar ba Khosh Tchaenisiyii Gubaaruss munz
( Farooq Nazki )

“ How can I compete with you ? Am i worthy to do so ?
For you ride the horse ,
Let me be happy with the dust that you raise in this gallop ”


A poet of hope , optimism and goodwill , NAZKI’S Book “NAAR HYOTUN KAZALVANAS or KAZALVUN IS ON FIRE ” remains a milestone in KASHMIRI POETRY . Incidentally the title of the book has been taken from poem Naar Ha ( Beware! It is Fire ) of Master Zinda Kaul or Master Ji .

Naar Heutun Kazalwanas ,
Shor Woth Bahaar Ha.
Diluss Heutun Jigar Taeteoy
Kraekh Gai Zi Naar Ha.

( Kazalvun is on fire,
And the cry of arrival of spring too is here .
This heart is too is on fire
With the “FIRE ”Cry all over .)

Nazki pays due tributes to Master Ji in the preface of his book.

This book that  won him the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award in 1995 is a mixture of styles and forms in Kashmiri verse .

In 2011 , When Agha Ashraf Ali organized a commemorative programme on English poet late Agha Shahid Ali at Press Club Jammu , he read a wonderful Kashmiri poem “ Akh Berang Chith - Agha Shahid-Ni Navva ” or' To Agha Shahid – From: Dead Letter Office'.  He also sat till the conclusion of the event inspite being awfully busy in his assignment as Media Advisor to CM, J&K at that point in time. I quote some select lines from the poem that he wrote for the occasion …

“Su ous surmal gulab shaamuk
su ouss
Khushboo Tchhataan kathhan manz
su ouss Maharaaza Neindire ghamuk
su khawaab sheetal wuhaan achhun manz
ajeeb oussus khumaar Chashmunn
Ajeeb wahshat – Ajeeb taslaa
yumun andher Vaetchh Aash pagahaetch
Su khawaab vadareith thowun timan manz
______ Dohuss ta Raatas divaan wonie ouss,
So robukhanan te zael panjran
Wutar ous yewan woochan ous
su mouta moakkal natchan garan manz
su ous badlaai----------

So Gaashe Joi gae shrapieth zameenus

Su paayie hayaatuk
su khwaab lalli hundh
su Reoush khaloosuk
su Raah musaafir
Be putchh wajoodah
su naeri bayii nonn
zameen praetithh
sabz ye the kinke dar sabdan
su Tchalli Behiney Himalayan Pyaaeth
su naeri Beiyii nonn
Gulal laagithh
su naeri beiyii nonn

( Farooq Nazki )

The deepening black of an evening rose,
The fragrance of a thousand blooms
The Prince of the kingdom of sleep
Caressing the eyes with a soothing dream
Rousing the soul to a silent fire
Eyes, laden with the nameless terror, a strange content
Therein glinted a hope for tomorrow
Therein went buried many a dream
Dwelling long in dreams forbidden
Searching hard in shadows forbidden
He saw them there, the demons of the night
Their dance macabre, seared his soul
I still remember
He was so different……

………………….That ray of light was sucked in by the Earth..

Oh universe be a witness to what I say,
That harbinger of life,
Lal Ded’s dream,
The Rishi of goodwill,
The seeker,
He will rise again,
Splitting the earth,
Green like a field of wheat,
He will soar again over the Himalayas,
Draped in tulips he will appear, yet again……….

( Translated from kashmiri By Roohi Nazki )

                 ( A sketch of the Poet by G R Santosh )

The poet is clear and unambiguous in expressing the atmosphere of fear and fright in Kashmir as it existed for more than a decade beginning from 1990 . I quote him..

Chhu Khoaff Daarien Barrun Awezaan,
Chhaa Aanganuss Munz Naqaab Laagithh Balaayee Praaraan,
Chhaa Byaar Phyaangaan Bonnie Goffie Munz,
Khoakhir Gaameit Aaiss Lafaz Ta Aaluv ,
Jawaan Maswal harithh Peimutch Aaiss ,
Pashunn Foalithh Aaiss Gulaal Aamit
Magar Khamaan Ouss hawaa yithh-kaein
Poahhuss Andhar Sseahh wasaan Gaamuss Andher
Taa Tchhaaraan shikaar Boachh Hoat…………..

( Farooq Nazki )

Fear dangles from doors and windows,
While the masked devil waits in the courtyard .
The cat kept mewing in its burrow dug in the chinar tree trunk,
Stammering for words , how could we cry ,
The youthful IRIS (flower ) fell to dust ,
Tulips grew wild on mud roofed house ,
And frighteningly blew the wind like a hungry Lion
that comes down to the village in Mid January
( from the forest after the winter snowfall )
And goes wild after every prey .

( English rendering by Avtar Mota )

He does not mince words when he talks about the misdeed of the merchants of death and destruction who brought untold miseries and sufferings for the people of Kashmir. I quote the poet…

“ Rataah daaev Palluv Mahaaraazun hiendh Yeiti Yaarbalan Pyaath Maaeji Tchhalaan .
Yeitti Maaharien Jaamun Naar heivaan Doadha Maaejji Bretchhaan Vyeith Rooz Pakaan….
Maikhaanan thaawikh taaer baran, astaanan husnas Pahara Thovukh,,
Chandaalav kor tahraaj shahar, yeti basaan dohli shaam diyaan….

Konga dureian manz heemali yimav gulnaar badan Tssun zaayi karith,
Baddie haetti chhi i timay khooni Qaatil reshi naama paraan lalla-vaakh gyavaan….

( Farooq Nazki )

( On river banks over here ,
Mothers wash blood soaked clothes of their sons ( Bridegrooms ),
The expensive dress of the brides too is on flames ,
And look how lactating mothers starve
while river Vitasta continues its March …..
Taverns they locked ,
Shrines and beauty they put under surveillance ,
The Chandaals ransacked the city ,
Turning daytime into gloomy evenings …….
In saffron fields ,
The killers put flower like Heemal’s body to shame
And look how these assassins now sing Lal Vaakh loudly
And also recite from Reshi Naama……)


The winds of intolerance , brought by the waves of armed militancy,resulted ultimately in the painful slicing of Kashmiri soul.. Bringing wanton death and destruction apart from migration of the Kashmiri Pandits from the valley, these winds also tore apart the age old fabric of Kashmir’s plural cultural ethos . Kashmiris , irrespective of the religious divide were put to separation , sufferings , pain and sorrow. The pain of seeing natives in tents grieved him and he wrote …

Dapaan Tiem Aiess Khaemma Diyii Diyii,
Achhun Andher Khwaab Tsoori Thhavithh
Doahuss Valaan Taaf Posha badanuss
Magar shabus Aiess Ghulab Thaavaan Shaanda nenidhr Kaantchhaan
Soruff karaan Aiess Geer Khaemmun
Zameen shoalaan Ta Aasmaan Ouss Naar Chhakraan ,
Naa Ouss Baatie
Naa Ouss Aaluv ,
Naa Poash Pooza
Naa tsraar Boad Doah .
Me yuthh Naa Roakukh
Me Kuthh karrien Chhum.
( Farooq Nazki )

( With Dreams hidden in eyes ,
In tents they lived .
Wrapping their bodies with sunlight at day time ,
At night , With a rose flower kept on the pillow,
they wished a simple sleep.
And the snakes continued to move closer to their tents .
The earth turned a furnace ,
While the sky rained fire balls .
Not a song did we hear ,
None called them by their names ,
None worshiped the deity with flower petals,
None witnessed the celebrations at Tsraar Sharief ,
Don’t stop me ,
I need to out pour my feelings”
( English rendering by Autar Mota )

His anguish over the loss of composite culture in kashmir is DEEP. At personal level , he misses Kamla ji ( Kamli ) mother of his close friend and colleague late Som Nath Sadhu ( Radio kashmir Srinagar ). I quote him....

"A commitment once again,
My Somnath Sadhu,
for you ...
You Know?
Kamli ,
Your Mother ,
Left kashmir,
Taking her silver plate along ,
Yes the very plate ,
that you and I ate from,
the food that she offered to us ,
But now Fearing me ,
She left Kashmir,
You Know, Soma Nath Sadhu ?"
( Farooq Nazki )

Me Taapa Kraayun Andher su Tschondumm
Me sheena Tschaatie munz deutumm nabuss vonn.
Vathhie Garuss bar Taa Daarie Traavith
Su Aav Kar Tayee Su Draav Koat Kunn.

( Farooq Nazki )

I searched him under the blazing sun ,
In icy winds, I rummaged the skies to look for him..
Keeping doors and windows of the house open ,
Tell me when did he come and which destination he left for ?

( English rendering by Avtar Mota )


Even during the dark decade ( 1990 to 2000 ) of turmoil when death and destruction was rampant , Nazki retained his Hope and Optimism. Rising above the then prevailing gloom and negativity , he kept talking about Sunshine , Goodwill , Flowers and Spring .For him the then scenario was an aberration which had to die down under the mounting thrust of time tested ethos , tradition and tolerant culture of Kashmir that had evolved itself over 5000 years .I quote the poet ..

"Me Yuth Na Rokukh Me Kuth Kaerin Chhum
Golaab Sholan Sareib Vakhtas
Shinai Baaghas Pagaah Pholun gul
Timan Gulan chhum Vonun Kanas Tal
Achhun achhun manz Volur Diwaan Guthh
Timan Vonun Chhum Kunuy Chhu Aalav
Timan Vonun Chhum Zi Sonth bulbul Chhu Az ti Volaan
"Chhu Naavi Vaavai Nivaan Bathis kun "
Timan Vonun Chhum zi Pranvarun ander chhu Jismus Alaav Praraan
Me Yuth Na rokukh me Kuth karein Chhum"
(Farooq Nazki)

( Don't stop me , i have to outpour my heart.
Roses shall bloom in this desert ,
Tomorrow flowers shall also bloom in this abandoned Garden,
I need to talk gently to those flowers ,
My eyes are as turbulent as the water of WULAR lake ,
I need to convey them that common is the call for us .
I need to tell them that the spring Bulbul is still singing the melodious song.
“ It is the storm again that takes the boat to the safety of the shore. "
I need to convey them that
deep inside this body ,
a volcano is about to erupt,
Don’t stop me
I have to outpour my self .)

Greeshmitch Garmi Haaruk Taav
Thokmut Aassukh Gumma Sheh-laav
Sangarav Paet kinn veun Gatchhi Gaaeb
Siriyus Chha Assaan Thehraav

( Farooq Nazki )

(O this summer heat ! This mid June Blaze !
Come wipe your sweat , Tired you must be love .
This blazing sun has to go behind the mountains shortly!
Worry Not, when did sun remain stationary over us !)

( English rendering by Avtar Mota )

He does not understand why SOANT or the SPRING season does not bring back his friends who are presently living in plains of the country .For him , Soant or spring season has not much to offer in absence of Pandits . I quote the poet …

Agar Dohan Aeissi Hisaab Bozuv,
Doah Yimay Aiss Yivaan Sonteik,
Shuhul Havaa Ouss Haenth Bremijin,
Vachhuss Divaan Sar Ta Daala Maaraan,
Bepuchh Bahaaruss Harud Vanaan ouss,
Kapas Vovithh Chha Badan Valaan Khaah,
Mushuk Valithh Aav Vaav Sountuk,
Dichin Bashaarat.
Yimav Qadam Kaed garav Neubar,
Tim Na Aayee Phirithh,
Na Tchhaandei Sountan ...

( Farooq Nazki )

Should we revisit our days gone by ?
Spring would visit us likewise,
This spring breeze would frolic in the same way
With the bosom of flowering buds .
And the Autumn would sardonically tell to undependable spring .

“ Earth does not Use the apparel should it grow cotton”

Bathed in Perfume ,
The spring has once again come this way,
Bringing some Good news  .
Alas! Those who stepped out of their homes,
Did neither return,
Nor did this spring seek their whereabouts .

( English rendering by Avtar Mota )

To talk to him is a pleasure and to listen to him is no less a treat . In communication , he opens so many gates that take you to anywhere and everywhere . History , literature , cinema , philosophy and books remain his forte. For the quantity and quality of knowledge that he possesses about Kashmir, he can be safely called a walking encyclopedia on Kashmir .

       (  Farooq Nazki With well known  Poets  Kaifi Azmi and Ali sardar Jafri at Gulmarg  Kashmir )

The poet   has a wonderful experience to convey . We know seeing is believing  . It is quite  true that whatever  appears to the naked  eye may not be the reality . It applies to any situation .   I quote the poet ..

Me vuchh Zaal Gaadun Karaan  Raahnumaai

 Me Vuchh Zaal Haaenzun  karaan Jaalsaazi 
Me Vuchh Aab Taelli Aab Peith Kyaah Chhu Sapdaan
( Farooq Nazki )

(I saw the fishing net leading the Fish  to Freedom ,

I saw the same fishing net  misleading the  Fisherman,

I saw what happens  below and over the water's surface )

I wish he writes more in kashmiri , his mother tongue that currently needs writers of his elegance and style .

Shikwa Shikaayat Saarie Traav
Paath Kunn Gudreumut Mashraav
Cheiti Raaviy Armaanun Grendh,
Meiti Kuss Shar Az Taamath Draav
( Farooq Nazki )

“Come forgetting Your complaints and grievances !
Forget what you went through as a past story.
Alas! you too lost count of your dreams in this suffering ,
Love ! I too failed to achieve anything .

( English rendering by Avtar Mota )

Some select lines from his kashmiri poem soant

Oburr Khoat Voalunn Nabh Ta Gagraayee Laajinn,
Yuthhuyee Roodh Logunn ,
Draemin Kaanijeiv Taar Vuznaavie Bomburuvv,
Satut Aav Laraan ,
Katij Tchaai Boad Kuth ,
Vuchhun Taalwuss Jild Poatt Vaeini Awezaan ,
Heutun Oull Yerrun,
Chhu Az Kaam deevuss Atchunn Dard Ghaamuss………

Draamien Tchakalaa Peith Paetch Gurreitt Aab Joii Zun
Sabz Makhmalas Tus  Magar Badh-Naseebi ,
Sabz Neiuv  Bahaaruv,
Gurreitt Aab Myaaniss Diluss Aainaa Khaanuss ,
Pushurnum Bahaarun……….

( Farooq Nazki )

Clouds suddenly emerge ,
Engulfing the sky .
Behold !Here comes thunder,
And the moment rain danced down ,
The humming bumble bees made the grassy lawns sing in unison .
The wood pecker too joined hurriedly ,
 The swallow entered the sitting room ,
Looking at the dangling board   of the room ceiling ,
it started building a nest over there ..
 And *Kaam Deva is  Knocking to enter this township of pain .

A Muddy water  torrent  swept the  Green grass patch over here ;
Unlucky is this green velvet like turf  ,
Which this  spring brushed  off  over here  ..
To this mirror that my heart is ,
this spring had nothing to offer except the muddy water.

( English rendering by Avtar Mota )

 ( * Kaam Deva is a god of longing and love . Kamdeva and his consort Rati find mention in Rigveda. It can also be said that Kamdeva represents flowers , love , spring ,chirping of birds ,longing that is associated with youthfulness . Kaamdeva also appears in various other stories and becomes the object of certain devotional rituals for those seeking health, physical beauty, husbands, wives, and sons... )           


He keeps writing . He keeps thinking . I wish he keeps publishing also what he writes because as per his own admission ;

Aap ki Tasweer thhi Akhbaar mein ,
Kyaa sabab hai aap Ghar jaatay nahin
Nazki se shair kehnaa seekhiye ,
Jo gazal lkehte hain chhapwaatay Nahin.
( Farooq Nazki )

Nazki is a poet of reconciliation and reunion . A poet who believes in the philosophy of forget and forgive …..


( Avtar Mota )  

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