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( photo Autar Mota )

Thhal Roovithh Zun Bonnie shihliss Greestis aaraam Hue
Assi Wattan Ruut gaam Hue
Aadanukk Badaam Hue
Maaji Hundh Mom Daam hue ..

( Dina Nath Naadim )

To this photo i am adding something on Kashmiri short story writer Late Hari Krishen Kaul ..



Any person who saw him for the first time , came out with these comments about noted kashmiri short story writer Prof. Hari krishen Kaul . And so did he look .
He was a Hindi teacher but a crafty kashmiri short story writer who had also published three books ( Arthi , Tokri Bhar Dhoop and Iss Hamaam Mein ) of Hindi short stories .

His observation of socio- cultural life especially of the middle class kashmiri society was razor sharp and superb . You were given a glimpse of the real and truthful characters . He mostly spun his stories around Characters drawn from the middle class kashmiri society.
I believe , he shifted to kashmiri writing around 1966 and his first book PATA LAARAAN PARBAT ( The hills Chase me ) was published in 1972 followed by HAALUS CHHU ROTUUL ( It is night at the moment ) in 1974 . After a long gap, two more books Yath Raazdaane ( In This Metropolis ) and Zool Apaareum ( The illuminations across ) were published in 1996 and 2001 respectively . Both the books were well received .YATH RAAZDAANEY  ( In this Metropolis ) won him the prestigious Sahitya Academy award .

He also wrote some plays ( for Radio and later Television )that became quite Popular in Kashmir . His Character Lala sahib from the Play YELI VATTAN CHHU KHURR IWAAN ( when the paths lead to confusion ) is still fresh in my memory. Who does not remember the Dialogue
“Ram Lagaai Tchhaanie Leelaaye ” from his play DASTAAR ( Turban ) .

The characters for his plays were drawn from the society he himself lived in . These Characters represented the Clerks , the Head clerks or the accountants etc.. He used satire , compassion and sympathy to portray their lives .Lives that were trapped deep in the pathetic grinding mill of their existence .

NAATUK KAREEV BANDH ( Stop this Drama ) is another powerful play that he wrote ( Drawing on Characters from Ramayana ) and that was staged successfully in Tagore Hall Srinagar. Through this play he made a scathing satire on ruling politicians

I believe I saw him in S P College only. Always well dressed , he possibly lived in Sathu Barbarshah in a Mohalla exactly behind S P College.He talked less but observed more .His observation was simply incisive ...

I add  A Mini short story RAASHI- PHAL written by Late Hari Krishen kaul to this post. The story has been rendered to simple English by me .

( Raashi –Phal )

Today Pandit sahib refused to settle the bill of the milk seller who had come to collect payment for the month long supply of the milk to the family. Hearing a Blanket “NO” from Pandit sahib, the milk seller left without saying a word. When the milk seller moved out of their house , Pandit sahib ‘s wife looked at him and said

“ You Should have paid whatever was due to him. Why should he visit us again for what is otherwise payable to him ? ”

Pandit sahib smiled at the ignorance of his wife and replied

“ What do you know? Have you seen the Rashi-Phal column of today’s Newspaper? I am supposed to make no Cash transactions today. Such acts can bring bad luck to me .”

Hearing this Pandit sahib’s wife became suddenly worried . Turning serious , She said to her husband

“You should have told me such things early in the morning .I have received fifty rupees from a person who came early in the morning to our house . You remember the person who’s file you got signed from your sahib. Had I known about the Raashi- Phal issue , I would not have accepted the amount from him. ”

“ You foolish woman ! Every day is a good day for receiving cash . It only applies to Cash out transactions or giving cash to others .You need to see Raashi-Phal only when you pay to others . learn this lesson . Where have you kept those fifty Rupees ?”

( Autar Mota 09.05.2014 )

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