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Noted  kashmiri  poet , Translator,  Literary Critic  and Educationist  Prof Ghulam  Nabi Firaq ( Born 1922 ) is presently unwell . He has been my English Teacher in S P College srinagar . After retirement , Prof . Firaq  focused on his literary work and  also  co founded a  Premier Education institution known as   STANDARD  PUBLIC SCHOOL .  Presently He lives with his son  at  Naushera ( Soura ) in Srinagar city.

 Firaq sahib was born and brought up in Fatehkadal  locality of downtown srinagâr city. He joined as Librarian at S P Collge Srinagâr and later completed his post graduation in English .He was amongst the  pioneers of progressive movement in kashmiri poetry.

Prof. Firaq has authored  numerous books that include his poetic collections, Criticisms , Translations  and  essays . He writes in almost all forms that include blank verse, free verse, sonnets, quatrains, metric poems and lyrics. When we were in college ,  Almost every morning we would hear  ( from Radio Kashmir )  noted Kashmiri Artist  Padamshri Raj Begum sing his Gazal

“ Mokh Pron  Bar Tchaav Subahaaai Subahaai .
Oundh Pokh Mushkyaav Subahaai Subahaai

( That pretty face visited me early, too early in the morning ..
The ambiance  around  is  simply perfumed early , too early in the morning ).  


His poems have been sung by almost all prominent   singers  from Kashmir .

Firaq’s  Poetic  collection  “Sada Ta samander” won him the prestigious Sahitya Academy Award . His translations into kashmiri include Doctor Faustus by  Christopher Marlowe and  Many Bangla  Poems of Tagore .   I remember  , Sometime in 1996 , he recovered from a Cardiac problem with the help of a  permanent Pace maker.   In 2013, Despite of his failing health , he released  his three new books  Kher-ul-Bashar, Ravan Teol, Kashir-e-Watchnuk Safar.

I join my friends and his well wishers   in Kashmir  valley and in  the plains of the country to  wish him a speedy recovery and Good health. He is a shining star on the horizon of  kashmiri literature…

 I quote some lines from his latest / Fresh  poems ..

Yettie Chhaenaa Saayil Khaalie Neraan
Aaeish Pheiir Kenh Chhiyee Hargaa Lagaa-Naai
( Ghulam Nabi Firaq )

Petitioners do not leave this place empty handed ,
I do possess some tear drops ,
Take them should these be of any use to you..

Soruuyi Vonamuss ti Chhum Pheraan
Akh Kathh Aaessum Roozim Vananaai
( Gh Nabi Firaq )

( Every thing I conveyed to him,
 But Now I regret For  the only  issue
 that needed to be told but remains untold.)

 Makaanun Daarie Burr Diethh Aaiess
Su Kyaah Vannie  he Ba Kyaah Vana Ha
( Ghulam Nabi Firaq )

Every house had its doors and windows shut ,
What would he comment ? what could I convey ?

Na Na Nataa Petchii Bunnie Laggi Naaraah
Naarah Zorawaar …
Haawaus Haawus  Soora  Pheikhaa  Akh
Tattie Kyaah Saarukh Saar……..
( Ghulam Nabi Firaq )

No ! No ! Else the dry weed stock shall be on fire,
An All engulfing Blaze !
Every desire  is  a handful of  ash otherwise also ,  
What  Gist  can you draw  over here ?

Vanhaai ba dilluk Haal beparvaai Vanaai kyaa
Jazbaat haran lafz Gatchhun Zaai Vanaai Kyaa 

( Ghulam Nabi Firaq )

To You , O Carefree ,
What woes should i put across ?
These feelings  may fall to dust ,
Words may go waste ,
What should I put across.

( Autar Mota 30.05.2014 )

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