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                                ( Music composer Khayaam with wife Jagjit Kaur  )
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                                                           ( Poet Sahir...3 )
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Tum Apnaa Ranjh o Gham Apni Pareshaani Mujhe De Do 

This Gazal by urdu poet Sahir Ludhianavi was sung in a husky voice  by Jagjit kaur for a  1964 movie titled  "SHAGOON ". Khayyam composed the music for the movie  and  suggested the name of his wife Jagjit kaur  as singer for the GAZAL.  Certainly , Both khayyam and Jagjit kaur immortalized sahir's words .Here goes the Gazal and my English rendering ...

Tum Apnaa  Ranjh o Gham Apni Pareshaani Mujhe De do
Tumhey Gham Ki kasam Iss dil ke Veerani Mujhe De Do

Mein Dekhoon to sahi Duniyaa Tumhey Kaisey sataati hai
Koyee din ke liye Apni Nigehbaani Mujhe De do.. 

Yeh Maana Mein Kisi Kaabil Nahin Huun In Nigaahon Mein
Bura Kyaa Hai Agar Yeh Dukh Ye Hairaani Mujhe De Do

Woh Dil Jo Maine Maanga Thaa Magar Ghairon Ne Paaya Thaa
Badi Kaif Hai Agar Uskii Pashemaani Mujhe De Do

( Sahir Ludhianavi )

My English rendering of the Gazal would be as under :-

Pass on your sorrows, sufferings and troubles to me …
Swear on your unhappiness,
Pass on this lonesomeness of your heart to me

Let me see how this world dares to trouble you any more ,
For some days just give yourself to my watchful care..

Agreed that I am just worthless in your eyes,
But what wrong is there if you pass on your pain and worries to me.

The heart that I sought for myself but was granted to others ,
Still a great pleasure if you pass on the regrets of that heart to me.

( Autar Mota  )
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