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(Children playing sazaaloang or Hopscotch in a village in kashmir .A photograph of 1911 AD.)

To poor , Mother earth appears indifferent . This is not so . This indifference is always benign. She comes forward with everything .The birds , dancing Brooks, Shady trees , Green valleys and above all her own surface . She appears to say
“ Come child! Draw your dreams on my Body and play your games. Here am I . ”

This game is played world over . In India, hopscotch is also known as Stapu, or Ekhat-Dukhat (meaning one two houses) and in Kashmir children used to call it SAZAALOANG . The game has a similar principle all over that player must hop on one foot and must throw the marker in the right square. This mostly is a girls' game in India, though some boys also play it in many areas . It was a favourite game of children in kashmir . All of us have played it at some point of time during our childhood. 
It is widely believed that ancient Romans started this game wherefrom it travelled world over. To this photo i add a quatrain ( 4 Lines ) composed by me in kashmiri..

Prabhaatan Voal me Beyi Atlaas Zakhman
Ta Shaaman Burr mitchier Gham Koothireiv Zunn
Ba Tchaas Baagus Ta Poashuv Be-Rukhi kar
Dohay kar Graav Hardunn ’ Chhukh Ta Katie Chhukh’
( Autar Mota )

These mornings , Clad my wounds in silk .
And the evenings , Just opened storehouses of sadness .
I stepped into the garden and flowers turned indifferent ,
While this Autumn, at all times looked for and hunted me .

( Autar Mota   11 PM , 30.04.2013...  GOOD NIGHT .)

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