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( Bach Ke Rehnaa )

Shahar jungle hain Ab ….
Lag Rahaa hai Ki Ab Aa gaye Bhediye ,
Chhorr jungle ,Andheron ko Aur Gaar ko ,,
Har Jagah Pe hain aur har shehar mein hain Yeh .
Raah mein Morr pe Yeh Milangay tujhay ,
Inn schoolon ko jaati dagar pe hain yeh ,
Tere Daftar mein aur har safar mein Hain Yeh,
Tere Aangan mein aur tere Ghar Mein hain yeh,
Bach ke Rehnaa Meri laadli tu sadaa,
Shehar Jungle hain Ab……
( Avtar Mota )

( Be careful )

Our cities have become a jungle now.
It looks as if the wolves have come down,
Leaving the forests ,caves and darkness .
You find them at every place ,
You find them in every city now ,
You  find them at the turn of every road  ,
You  see them at paths that lead to schools.
They are in offices and in every journey you may undertake,
Look ! They are in your courtyard and inside your home as well.
Be careful  my darling Girl,
Protect yourself.
For Our cities have become a jungle now……


(Sab Gunahgaar Hain )

Bhediye jab sadak se uthaa le gaye
Adhmari ho ke phainki gayee raah mein.
Khoon Behtaa Rahaa Shehar Bedard Thhaa
Laash Ban ke sadak se uthaayi gayee.
Yeh samaaj jis mein bastay hazaaron khudaa
Aaj kyon kar rahaa marsiyaan marsiyaan.
Kuchh siyaasi Madaari bhi Hain Bheed mein
Vote lenay chalay dekh Jalti Chitaa .
Hum Ko Iss Soag Kaa Koyee Haq Hi Nahin
Sab Gunahgaar hain

( Avtar Mota )

 ( we  are all culprits )
The  wolves dragged  you from the road ,
And  threw you back  bleeding , and almost dead on the highway.
Blood kept oozing  ,
The city dwellers turned indifferent
Till you turned  like  a corpse to be removed .
Pity this society !
Pity the  gods that live in this world !
Why beat your chests in sorrow now  ?
And  now some political jugglers joining the mourners ,
seeking votes from a burning pyre .
None of us deserves to join your mourning  Girl,
We are all the culprits......


(Chaahti Hai Madad )

Har Baday shehar mein Betiyaan Bachiyaan 
Sehmi Sehmi Hai Kyon Kyon Pareshaan hain
Hotelon, Daftaron aur dukaanon mein Yeh 
Apnaa daaman Chhupaati bachaati Huyee 
Kahin *Strauss Kahn hai Ya hai **Kanda Kahin
Bhediyon se Yeh Khud ko Chhupaati Huyee
Devdassi , kaneez aur Nun Bhi Bani 
Bhediye Aa Gaye har Panaah-Gaah mein 
Aaj Phir Ro Rahi Haath Uthaaye Huve 
Chaahti Hai Madad………………………….

( Avtar Mota )

(She Looks for Help )

In every city or metropolis ,
Why are our daughters and girls,
Frightened to live and unhappy to move around .
 Working in hotels ,  offices ,and Business centres ,
Why have they always to protect themselves  ,
Somewhere they come across a *strauss Kahn,
And somewhere else  a **Kanda ,
Always worried in saving herself from wolves .
What  if she turned a Devdassi , a maid or a Nun,
the wolves entered   every refuge.
And again today ,
This daughter  ,
Raisies her hands towards sky now
And weeps for Help..

• Dominique Strauss kahn former head of IMF was charged with allegedly Molesting a Hotel employee in New York in 2011.
**Gopal Kanda a former Minister from Haryana faces complicity and serious charges of  Exploitation of women in Geetika Sharma suicide  case.

( 4)

(Haq Milegaa Tujhay )

Kyaa wajah Aajkal Maa, Behan Betiyaan
Shafakhaanon mein hain ya kachahari mein hain
Ho koyee mulk ya ho koyee bhi samaaj
Haq o Insaaf Paanay ko tarsay hai yeh.
Naam inn ke to laakhon hain kyaa kyaa kahoon
Kal *Malala thi aur Aaj Hai *Damini
*Ashley Judd ho ya ho *Mackenzie Phillips
Zehar peeti Rahi Zulm Sehtee Rahi
Aasmaan Bhar Gayaa Dard se Tere Ab
Haq Milegaa tujhay……

(Avtar Mota )

( You Shall Get Your Due)

Nowadays  ,Why do we come across our Mothers , daughters and sisters
Either in Hospitals or in courts .
Be it any country or any society,
Why are they  harassed for their rights and justice ?
How Many names should I count and put forth ?
If She is Malala over there  ,
She is   Damini over here .
She may be Ashley Judd or Mackenzie Phillips
She gulped the poison and went through suffering.
Your pain  is tearing apart the silence of the sky Now . .
Girl you shall get your due ..

1 Malaala Yusufzai faced bullets to speak for education of girls.
2 Damini is the assumed name of Delhi Gang Rape victim
3 Ashley Judd is a Hollywood actress who has  survived Brutal Rape. .Mackenzie Phillips has also been a victim


(Tuu Akeli Nahin )

Gham o Gussa hai Mumbai Mein Banglore mein
Delhi mein bhi Hai Aur hai Lahore mein
Asia kaa har eik Shehar hai Ghamzadaa
Hai pareshann Europe bhi Aur Africa
Baazuvein Uth gayeen sarhadein Mitt gayeen
Dard Teraa Deewaron ko Bhi daa Gayaa
Cheekh Teri se ab Ro padaa U N O..
Ladli Tere Gham mein karodon hain Ab
Tu Akeli nahin…….
( Avtar Mota )

( You are Not alone now )

Anger and grief sweeps  Mumbai and Banglore
It also looms large  in Delhi and  Lahore
Every city in Asia is  mournful ,
Europe and Africa are equally   under  distress .
Behold ! The arms that rise in togetherness  ,
Behold !The Borders  melting now
Your suffering demolished all segregating Human walls  ,
Your cry brought tears in U N O  .
Darling  Girl  ! Now millions are in  lamentation  from your   pain.
 you are not alone  Now …

( Avtar Mota ... 11.04.2013 ..10.45 PM Good Night )

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