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           (Page from Jonaraja's Rajtaringini)  


Martand Teertha ( sacred apring of Mattan Kashmir )  and visit of Emperor Jalal Ud Din Akbar...

(Photo Avtar Mota..A Kashmiri Pandit family performing Shraadha at the sacred spring of Mattan Teertha ,Kashmir )

Rajtarangani of Jonaraja makes mention of  Emperor Akbar ‘s visit to Martand Teertha (sacred spring of Mattan ,Kashmir)  as under :-

“  He came from the city of Lahora in order to see the country . On fifth bright lunar day of Ashaadha ,  he arrived with  his army in the capital of Kashmira .On the  seventh bright lunar day of that month he pleased the Brahmin boys with gifts of gold  and they blessed him.  He then went to Martanda ( Mattan Teertha ) and gave  cows adorned with pearls and gold to Brahmins . Jaylalldina ( Jalal ud Din Akbar ) was a great benefactor  of Brahmins . Truly, a Vikramaditya .Ram Dasa his servant gave one hundred  pieces of silver and also pieces of gold to every house of Brahmin. He also distributed fifty thousand pieces of silver among poor Brahmins. The emperor then ordered Shikhaphaija to  take one thousand pieces of silver and distribute it among Brahmins and beggars who dwelt in villages and woods respectively.  ”

  Jonaraja entrusted the manuscript of his Rajtarangini to his trusted pupil  Srivara  who updated it upto 1486 AD     . It was further entrusted to Prajyabhatta and  Shuka    who completed the book upto  Akbar’s visit to Kashmir . This entire manuscript was in one book  which was finally  translated into English from Sanskrit by  A Bengali scholar Jogesh Chandra Dutt  and published  in 1879 A.D . by  Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal  and sold as ‘ RAJTARANGINI OF JONARAJA ‘ by Jogesh Chandra Dutt  . Ehat I have written is from pages pages 416 to 427 of this book .

" Emperor Akbar visited kashmir three times . Once he brought his finance minister Raja Todar Mal  with him  who camped at village Pattan and measured the whole land to settle the revenue."
From the book    "Kashmir Through Ages "

Ain e Akbari also confirms that Emperor Akbar visited kashmir three times via Pir Panjal .

(Avtar Mota )


At the spot where Gurdwara has come up in Mattan town, Guru Nanak Dev ji has addressed a large gathering of Brahmins under the shady Chinars . He also had a discourse with Brahm Dass Ji at Mattan.Brahm Dass Ji belonged  to Datt  family of Mattan.Later, Kripa Ram Datt from  this family headed a delegation of 500 Kashmiri Brahmins to Amritsar and thence to Anandpur to meet Guru Teg Bahadur Ji during the dark days of  Afghan rule in Kashmir.

There are two temples in Mattan. One ,the spring temple in the town where Shraadha is performed .The spring water here gushes out and comes to a bigger pond with fish. No Kashmiri  would eat fish from this  sacred  pond. People from North India would perform Shraadha at this spring.Like Haridwar ,Varanasi and Nasik, the local Purohits maintained a Bahi  or written record  of their Yejmaans ( patrons) . There is another temple( in ruins at present )up above the hill.It is just 2 kms from Mattan town .Located on  Ranbirpora  plateau, this  is the world famous Sun Temple  built by illustrious King Lalitaditya of Kashmir in the  8th century. It is in ruins but listed as a heritage monument by UNESCO. This grand temple faced demolition during the rule of Sultan Sikander Butshikan .

I have personally seen family records of  some prominent  film actors, politicians  and Industrialists of the country in Bahis or records maintained by Purohits of Mattan.
Ram Dasa finds repeated mention in Jonaraja's Rajtaringini as a trusted servant of king Jaylaldina Akvara (Emperor Akbar) .Ram Dasa is none other than Ram Das , the renowned miniature painter in Akbar 's Darbar. Akbar  respected him and brought him to Kashmir along with. Ram Das painted illustrations for Emperor's biography or Akbar-nama.


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