Tuesday, December 11, 2012



Walking on The Bund near GPO Srinagar , I found that a new restaurant had come up on the island created by Jhelum river diversion. Crossing the diversion canal through a small foot bridge , I enter a beautiful garden with green grass and rows of flower beds . Trees . Shade . Chairs . Tables . Tourists ; local and Europeans sipping Tea , coffee and enjoying Veuth Rooz Pakaan ( silent Flow of river Jhelum ).Enter PEERZOO JHELUM RIVER BANK RESTAURANT .Elegantly built structure on river bank in wood with main hall , Counters , Riverside galleries , A landing Ghaat for Speed Boats (meant for down and up river ride along all the seven bridges of srinagar city ). A spot Just near the Erstwhile Grindlay’s Bank Ghaat of river Jhelum . This restaurant is adequately fenced to create a garden like ambiance .Wonderful concept of a restaurant on Jhelum Bank. One can see presentation convent school clearly on otherside of the river while sipping tea in the Khatambandhi roofed Gallery of this stylish restaurant. My pictures convey the remaining details .

Teri nigaah bhi kaisee ajab kahaani hai
Mere alawaa kissi se padhi nahin jaati
Ajab mizaj hai in khandaani logon kaa
Tabaah ho ke bhi dariya dili nahin jaati...

( Photographs and Text Autar Mota )
Tuesday , 11th December 2012 .. Time  11.45 PM.. Good Night 
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