Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Majestic willows of Betaab Valley Pahalghaam kashmir.
(Photo Avtar Mota 2009 series .)
Many friends have been asking me to post one of my poems . Lo ! and behold this small surprise .

HAMAARA DIL ( This Heart of mine )

Hamaara dil Samajh lo Ek Sehraa hai samandhar hai ,
Yeh Bahr e Hind Tak Aayee Himaala Ki Hawaa Samjho,
Na Ganga hai, Na jamuna hai ,Yeh sangam hai Prayaag e Hind Tehzeeb e wattan jaisaa .
Guzashtaa daur ki Anmol Qadron ko Samete Hai,
Jisse Tum Chaah kar bhi apney Khwaabon Me Nahin Laatey,
Jisse Tum Pyaar kartey Ho Magar Apnaa Nahin Saktey,
Jo Ab Bhatkaa hai Unn raston pe jo Jungle ko Jaate hain,
Jo Ab Tanhaa Hai Unn shehron Me Jo Mudd kar nahin Taktey ,
Isse Ek Shaam Do, Aaraam Do, Subh e Tamanaa Do.
Yeh Kaise Maan Legaa Khoon Ka, Baarish Kaa, Toofan Kaa,
Mehak Kaa ,Phool Ka, Aur dard ka ,Lafze Mohabbat ka ,
Behan Ke Gham kaa , Maa ki Chashm e numm, Umeed e fardaa Kaa ,
Wattan Ki Yaad kaa, Doori Kaa, Majboori ,Judaai Kaa ,
"Koi Mazhab hai ,Koi Dharam hai ,Koyee Aqeeda Hai ."
( A Poem by  Avtar Mota )

This heart of mine is like the Saharaa ( Vast Desert ) or the   ocean,
Treat it like the fresh Breeze of Himalayas dancing over  the Indian Ocean,
Never  like  River  Ganga or Yamuna  alone ,
 But yes Like the Majestic Confluence at  Pryaag (Allahabad ),
It spreads like the civilization of my country.
Holding values of time gone past ,
Something which you too  cherish but refuse to see  
coming close even in your dreams ,
Something which you too love but but never attempt to own, 
Moving   aimlessly on Paths that lead to Jungle alone ,
This heart is lonely in Cities that have never learnt to look back.
Grant it  just One Evening, A little Comfort  and the Desired dawn,
How can this heart agree that:
 Blood , Rain , Tornadoes  ,
Fragrance , flowers , Pain and Suffering ,
 Words of love ,The sorrow of our sisters , The sobbing of our Mothers ,
Tomorrow’s hopes , Memory of our beloved land , Distances ,
Helplessness and separation
Have a Religion , A Dharma or belong to any Faith .”
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  1. I have never visited this site before. It is amazing to see active participation of all accomplished persons .Hats off "such a beautiful pure kashmiri poem"

  2. A truly heart punching poem,please keep on sharing these pearls along with your lively posts.

  3. Mota Sahib,

    Superb. Why did you keep hidden this side of U.It is very telling. As rightly said by Mr Bazaz, please keep on sharing these pearls along with your lively posts

  4. Thanx haku shaib . shall post some more

  5. Hi, would you like to share this picture on www.filmapia.com? Its a site that deals with movies and locations. This picture will fit well as Betaab Valley

  6. Share it but pl make mention of the source


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