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( Photo Autar Mota )

To this photo , i am adding my Poem  " Bandh Darwaaza " or Closed Door.

     ( Bandh Darwaaza )

Kaun Kholegaa Ab Voh  Darwaaza
Me  Jisse bandh kar ke Aaya Thaa …..

Jis Pe latke chhupe Basse Hain Abhi
Meray Ajdaad Ki Yaadon Ke Hujoom
Jaissay  Maa  Aaj Bhi Khadi Hai Vaheen
Haath Mein Thaal Liye Khaane Ka
Sonchti Hai “ Kahaan Gayaa Hogaa?
Bache Sab Aa Gaye Schoolon se “
Phir Voh Rangon Ka *(1) Krool  Daale Koyee
Issi Dhar Ke dhule Se  Maathe par
Phir  Koyee  Likh Rahaa hai Rang Liye
Naam  Dulhe ka Aur Dulhan Ka
 Dev-lokon se Bhi Duaayein Chali
“ Nayi Jodi rahe Sukhi Har Pal “
Hai Phir Shaadi Ka jashn Zoron Pe
 Aur Phir se hai *(2) Dwaar Pooja koyee
Phir  se Pooja ki Voh Gaagar le kar
Jis  mein akhrot hain Paani Bhi Hai
Aa gayi Maa meri Issi Dhar Pe
Karne Herat Ki Voh * (3) “Thuk Thuk” Ki Rasam
Phir Meri Daadi Keh rahi Jaissay
“ Thehro Thehro Abhi Vaheen Thehro
Aap Mehmaan ho Dhar Pe Rukk Jaao
Mujh Ko *(4) Aalath Utaar- ni hai Abhi ”
Voh Jo Khultaa Thaa kul jahaan ke liye
Jis ke andhar  thaa Shahar e missr mera
Yaheen Gokul Bhi Thaa Shivaala bhi
Bandhagi Bhi  Reshi-Parasti Bhi
Paas masjid se Voh * (5) Durood Shariff
Mandiron se * (6) Mahimnapaar Ki goonj
Dekh Kar  Ekk  Khulaa khulaa sa dhar
Sab Chale Aatay Thay Andhar Ghar mein
Aaj Tak Chaabiyaan Sanbhaalin Hain
Jin Se Ab Koyee Dhar nahin Khultaa …..
……………………………….Kaun Kholegaa Ab Voh  Darwaaza
Me  Jisse bandh kar ke Aaya Thaa …..

( Autar Mota )



Krool is an Artistic Decoration of Main Entrance or Door of a House with colours . This is done before the start of actual Marriage ceremony . Generally Flowers , Leaves and branches are Drawn in Bright colours to give an Auspicious aura at the entrance . It is also believed that KROOL is drawn for Blissful married life of the couple. It is not to be confused with Vyoog or Rangoli . The colourful Vyoog is drawn on Floor .
Dwaar Pooja is an Important Custom Practiced since Vedic period . Main Entrance or Door is considered Auspicious and Pious and is worshiped before entry of Bride or Bridegroom . It is widely prevalent in kashmiri Pandit society.
“Thuk Thuk ! kuss chhuva ! Ram Bror ! “ Knock !Knock ! Who is there ? A gentle Cat .” These lines are Familiar to every kashmiri Pandit. This custom continues to be practiced by Kashmiri Pandits during Shivratri Festivities . The elderly lady in the house would Fill up the Walnut Pitcher of Shivratri with Fresh water from Vitasta / Fresh running water stream ( Later Fresh Tap Water ) and then give knocks at the Door to enter . She would seek blessing for the entire family from Shiva . After she finished seeking these blessings , some insider would open the door and allow her in with the water and walnut filled Pitcher . 
Upon conveying details of “ AALATH“ ritual of kashmiri Pandits and seeking clarification on it , a learned scholar clarified to me as under :
“ I believe kashmiri Pandit culture and Rituals have evolved from Vedas and also from the Shaivite Traditions. This tradition, as you say of welcoming a Guest at the entry point or at the Door by an elderly woman with a jug or small container of water held in a plate having some rice and flowers and then moving the water container symbolically around his body and finally carefully throwing away everything at a proper place is Nothing but Abhisheka . So good a tradition. I would say that Atithi ( Guest ) is Shiva. And Shiva needs Abhisheka . The honoured Guest at the Door has to be worshipped and welcomed . And at that time , Shiva is both a personal Guest and a cosmic presence who is welcomed at the same time to one’s home and heart. The elderly woman who welcomes the Guest at the Door becomes pious by this very act and attains the status of Parvati . To welcome a Guest at Door steps is like an offering to God or Shiva. Hold on to this Beautiful tradition. “
During olden days when a potter would bring pots for the shivratri celebrations to a kashmiri Pandit Household , Aalath was also performed for him at the doorstep. May be a symbolic welcome to lord SHIVA .


Durood shariff is a prayer which Muslims make by saying explicit phrases in praise of Prophet Muhammad ( Pbuh). Recitation of Durood Shariff in shrines and Mosques is a common Practice with kashmiri Muslims . In kashmir , we have almost Night long Durood khwaani during the holy month of Ramadaan.
Mahimnapaar or Shivmahimna Stotra is one of the earliest and one of the most recited Shiva prayer by Kashmiri Pandits .It is said to have been written a Gandharva Known as Pushpadanta , a Great Devotee of Lord Shiva .

(Autar Mota .)

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  1. Mota Sahib,

    Fantastic. We are peeping through a new window into your versatile personality. The ease with which the hidden pain in our hearts has been given expression is superb. Pl keep it up.

  2. Thanx dear Anil ji and haku sahib,.


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