Friday, November 27, 2009


We visited kulgam in July 2009 .The purpose was to go to Village Sepur where from the Ancestors of Allama Iqbal had migrated out to Punjab.We also visited entire Kulgam town and stayed for full day in this town.Through certain friends i had heard of the Syed Samnanai's Ziyarat in this town.I went inside and paid my respects . This highly respected sufi  saint  was a Syed from Central Asia who came to Kashmir with a group of Syeds due to persecution of Timur.He stayed in this town and preached brotherhood . 

Shamas Faquiro Kenh Na Chei
Kenh Nai Layakh Khand Haar Chei
Kenh Nai Layakh Teiti Chha Kamai
Yeti Suye Chhumai
Tati Suye Chhumi
Peeran Me Seeri Haq Bovnamai
Yeti Suye Chhumai
Tati Suye Chhumi
( Shamas Faquir )

O Shamas Faquir! You are Just Worthless ,
You are not just worth a single penny.
O then If that Murshid is with me ,
It is better to be worthless.
This Murshid has revealed
the true secret to me .
H alone  is my companion in this world
and hereafter too.
( Autar Mota  )

Shamas faquir Was the tallest Sufi Poet of kashmir .His real Name was Mohd Sidiq Bhat and lived in Chinkral Mohalla Habba Kadal. He stayed with his Murshid in Amritsar for many years.

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