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Those who have lived in kashmir know what Kangri is . It is a poor Man's weapon to fight terrible winter . Kangri is actually an earthen pot covered by fine willow work . Charcoal is put in it and it is held close to body to transmit heat. Kashmiris carry it underneath the pheran. Some are so experienced in handling it that they can sleep with it in their bed. None can say that he did not use it should he have stayed in kashmir during winter season.

Pheran is the long overall or apparel used in kashmir to keep body warm. kashmiris who live in plains also use it during winter season.So fashionable did it turn during seventies that even Mrs Gandhi , Pandit Ravi Shanker , V P Singh and many prominent personalities photographed themselves in Pheran.It is certaily an overall warmer.
Jejeer ( Hookah ) or the hubble Bubble is an old entertainment with Kashmiris . In olden days, even women would enjoy it ( Both Pandit and Muslim ). Having a Jejeer in the house meant keeping a kangri burning for the Chillum. Keeping a box of Tobacco. My Grandfather( Mother's side ) was used to this Jejeer .Whenever we would go to his house in ZainaKadal , i did have a puff or two from his jejeer in his absence .
Aankhon Me Rahaa Dil Me uttar Kar Nahin Dekha.
Kashti Ke musafir ne samander Nahin Dekha.
Pather Mujhe Kehtaa Hai Mera Chaahne wala,
Mein Mom Hoon Usne Mujhe Chhu Kar Nahin Dekha.
( Bashir Badr )
You just entered my eyes only ,
Alas! you ignored this heart nearby.
O traveller of a small boat in the river ,
You never experienced the ocean.
Love! call me not an insensitive stone ,
For you have never touched this wax soft heart.
( Translation from original urdu A K Mota )
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