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                      ( Aak or Maadar flowers ) 

What is Maadal in Mahatama Krishen Joo Razdan's Shiv Leela ,"Bel ta Maadal"  ?

Maadal is Maadar .

As per Shiva Purana, offering Aak or Maadar flowers and leaves  to Shiva is considered highly meritorious. It is mentioned in the Shiv Puran that Shiva is pleased immediately and grants boons on offering flowers and leaves of Aak or Maadar.
( The Leela in Kashmiri sung by Shamim Dev Azad )

Aak' is also called 'Maadar' in India . The two species- red and white, are highly beneficial from an Ayurvedic point of view.Like Datura leaves ,which are  also offered to Shiva ,along with being highly beneficial,leaves of  Maadar  plant  are also poisonous if consumed. It grows wild  in foot-hills and plains .

( Avtar Mota )

In this Shiv Leela, Bel is Beil Pattar, Maadal is Maadar  flowers, venna is the wild herb with mint like aroma , Ghulab is the rose flower, and Pamposh is lotus  flower that the saint poet Mahatma Krishen Joo Razdan' wants to use to perform Pooja -Archana of his  Param-Shiva or Shivnath .

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