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Ardhanarishwara by Nand Lal Bose ..Bengal School...

My Shiva is Everywhere....

Shiva  is overwhelming . Engaged in continuous re-creation, I see his actions everyday, every moment and everywhere. His re-creative destruction is aimed at the upkeep and continuity of  this universe  . He is there in the seasons .In autumn ,shedding leaves so that every tree would wear fresh green apparel during the ensuing spring. In rain and sunshine ,I see his compassion for re-creation of life on this earth .  When the birds chirp, winds pass through the leaves , sea waves touch the shore , brooks murmur as they flow , he is there playing his music. In thunder and floods , i see his Rudra Swaroopa. Even if i close my eyes, he is there . He is in the rhythm of my heartbeats and in the movement of my limbs .The sun, the moon and the twinkling stars  are engaged in performing Shiva's  Aarti  this moment and every moment .

I also feel his companion Shakti's overwhelming presence.She is in  the life giving warmth  of the sun. As energy in    wind, fire and water . She is the  power that pulls our  boats  across this Bhavsagara known as  Samsaara.

As  Ardhanarishwara,  Shiva reminds me that  there exists a unity of opposites in this universe.I  believe  Shiva and Shakti a combination of consciousness and energy or Purusha and Prakariti.    Each one needs the other. As Ardhanarishwara, Shiva gives a strong message that in order to  accommodate other person  , one  needs to shed half of himself.

May Shiva be with all of us this moment and every moment .


( Avtar Mota);

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