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The locals say that these stone sculptures in the Pir Panjal on Gool -Sangaldhan road (about 50 km from Ramban or about 200 km from Jammu ) were done by Pandavas during their exile. These unique stone sculptures showing men riding horses are spread over an area of 5 Kanals of forest land. The sculptures are exquisite and have been done possibly during the medieval period of history . However , this needs expert scrutiny and serious research .Similar stone sculptures were found near Gadi Nalla and Sildhar areas of Reasi.Done in stone, the men shown riding these stone horses look like early Roman soldiers . The sculptures show Bactrian / Greek influence and have been done as reliefs. 

At Ghorra Galli, we find some ancient water springs known as Baoli . One is functional while the rest are blocked . The sculptures face apathy and neglect. Some are broken and fragmented. The stone Baolis give an idea about some human habitation at this site.
Has any research work been done about these sculptures ? A research may throw up many surprises. Prior to Mughal Road, many old tracks were used for entry to and exit from the Kashmir Valley.Did the ancient route to Nagarkot from Kashmir valley pass through Gool, Babour and Ramkote ? There was an ancient route to Kashmir via Babour ( Manwal ) and Reasi. 

Locals say that some sculptures have been stolen and some need to be excavated. Who is taking care of these sculptures ? To my knowledge , neither ASI nor any establishment of the UT.  

The army built an approach road to this heritage site. 
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