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Ram Niranjan Nyaara Re,
Anjan Sakal Pasaara Re 

Anjan Utapati, Omkar,
Anjan Mange Sab Bistar 
Anjan Brahma Shankar Inder
Anjan Gopi Sangi Govind Re 

Anjan Vani, Anjan Ved,
Anjan Kiya Na Na Bhed 
Anjan Vidya Path Puran, 
Anjan Woh Kat Kat Hi Gyan Re 

Anjan Paati Anjan Dev, 
Anjan Ki Kare Anjan Sev  
Anjan Nache Anjan Gawe,
 Anjan Bhesh Anant Dikhawe Re 

Anjan Kahan Kahan Lag Keta,
Daan Punya Tap Tirath Jeta 
Kahe Kabir Koi Birla Jage,
Anjan Chaadhi Anant Hi Dage Re


I understand this Nirguna Bhajan this way....

"Matchless remains Rama ,
the unblemished/ spotless one ,
Rama , the pure
is spread in this entire blemished
reality around us.

We polluted the  creation's womb ,
Omkar too , we tainted;
And now this pollution demands expansion in every sphere.
The Brahma ,Shankara, Indira,Govinda and his Gopis,
We blemished  them all.

We polluted the spoken words,
we polluted the listening as well.
This blemished conduct
created too many distinctions .

The knowledge,
the prayers,
the scriptures ,
our questions,
our  reasoning,
everything we polluted.

The green leaves,
the  enlightened beings,
 the  master,
the servant,
the singer,
the dancer,
this tainted now  exists in limitless or infinite shapes and  forms.

There is hardly any place in this world
where this polluted hasn't manifested itself .
In the philanthropy,
In our austerities,
and in our  pilgrimages,
the polluted has become victorious in every field.
Says Kabir ,only some exceptional individual lies awakened ,
Otherwise the blemished has left his imprints everywhere in every creature."

(Avtar Mota) 

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