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" Aankhon mein chalte phirte roz mile piya baanvre,
Baiyaan ki chhaiyaan aa ke milte nahin kabhi saanvre,
Dukh yeh milan ka le kar kaah karuun kahaan jaaon re
Pa kar bhi nahin me unn ko paati
Maai re , me ka se kahuun peer apne jiya ki , ........Maai re


 Ouss  nayan ki unke  meri
Lagi ko bujhaaye na
Tan man bhigo de aake
Aisi ghataa koi chhaaye naa
Mohe bahaa le jaaye
Aisi lahar koi aaye naa
........Padi nadiyaa ke kinaare  me pyaasi
.....Maai ri me ka se kahoo peer apne jiya ki,      Mai re,..


Pee ki dagar mein baithe maila huva ri mera aachara..
Mukhada hai feeka feeka, nainon mein sohe nahin kaajra ..
Koyi Jo dekhe maiya  preet Ka va se kahuun maajra
...........Latt mein padi kaisi birhaa ki maati
.Maai ri me ka se  kahoon  peer
apane jiya ki, maai ri...."

( Majrooh Sultanpuri

In English ,I would say:-

( Every day I see him in my eyes
strolling and moving,
And never  does he come to the cool space of my arms.
Where shall I carry love's pain ?
Where shall I go with this longing  ?
I am unable to reach the person
who appears to be with me only ?
O mother, tell me to whom should I convey the sufferings of my heart..

Neither the dew from his eyes  extinguishes the  fire within me
Nor does any rainfall pour down to drench my body and soul.
A wave that could carry me along doesn't visit this way .
And helpless I remain  with thirst on the river bank.
O mother, tell me to whom should I convey the sufferings of my heart..

While I wait  for my beloved in his path,
the corner of my scarf has become stained.
My face has turned faint and this kohl too does not suit my eyes anymore.
If only some one looks this way, I would  convey the   saga of this  love .
The dust of separation has come to settle in my tresses now..
O mother, tell me to whom should I convey the sufferings of my heart )

And Lata Ji's voice and Madan Mohan's' music made these lines immortal...

(Avtar Mota)

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