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When Jaishanker Prasad (30 Jan1890 - 15 Nov 1937) was writing Kamayani, Master Zinda Kaul (1884-1965) was busy writing hindi poems. Master ji was a lover of Kamayani that was published in 1936. Master ji published his book 'Patra Pushp ' in 1941. Patra Pushp had some beautiful hindi poems  whereby   Master ji proved that Hindi written in Kashmir was  similar in  flow and feeling to Hindi that came from Varanasi. Being influenced by Goswami Tulsidas and Jaishankar Prasad, master ji was a pioneer in bringing Hindi poetry to Kashmir.

Master ji also wrote many Dohas (a two line verse) .A sample of Master Ji's Doha is as under:-

'Prem to sukh pratyaksh hai
Dwesh prakat santaap.
Prem samaan to punya nahin
Dwesh samaan na paap'

(Love , a comfort visible ,
Malice, a visible grief.
No  virtue like love,
And no sin  like malice ....)
Influence of Jaishanker Prasad is visible in another verse of Master ji. I quote:-

" Jadd prakrati tab kaalaantar mein,
Kram  se unnati paati.
Ant Prem Pragya dwara
Prabhu mein Jaaye samaati."

After Patra Pushp , master ji switched over to  kashmiri verses.

Prior to Master ji,  we find that Shitikantha  makes  use of many  Hindi words in his 13th century  work' Mahanay Prakash' . Hindi words also appear in Vaaks of 14th  century Shaiv Darshana poetry of  Lall Ded. So many Hindi words can be found in   Shruks of  Sheikh Noor ud Din wali.Thereafter , we find Saint poet  Parmanand ji of Mattan writing hindi poetry.  He is followed by Lakshman joo Bulbul. I also found some Hindi poems of  saint poet Krishen Joo Razdan having  Dogri and Punjabi words. Thakur ji Manwati also composed some Hindi Bhajans .

(Avtar Mota).


Kamayani is a Hindi epic poem by Jaishankar Prasad. It is considered a magnum opus or  one of the greatest literary works written in modern times in Hindi literature.
Kamayani is based on a Vedic story . Jaishanker Prasad writes about  Manu ,the man who survives after Pralaya(deluge). He is without any emotion . Gradually , Manu  starts getting involved in various emotions, thoughts and actions.

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