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                             ( The Shed )
                        ( Hudson Yards Mall )

                        ( The Vessel )


Hudson yards is a new  sprawling neighborhood  in Manhattan close to Lincoln Centre ,Heliport, Chelsea Ferry stands  , Highline. and Hudson river . Massive structures have come up in this old abandoned railway yard . These structures  are  altering the Hudson river skyline .You can see rising skyscrapers. Shops , Restaurants , a mega-mall,  the vessel and the  Shed, an innovative visual and performing arts center over here.

The vessel occupies a key place in this complex.Designed by   British designer   Thomas Heatherwick , Vessel  is newly built  centrepiece interactive sculpture in Hudson yards just opposite to  newly built Hudson Mall . In 2017, i used to go for morning walk through this area and i could see some metal structures  coming up near highline. Nobody could answer my query at that time as to what exactly was coming up at this place.

  It is exactly located close to 10th  avenue between 30th and 33rd  street near Hudson river .

Vessel in particular   is a honeycomb shaped art installation   made of glass, copper, bronze and steel at a cost of US  $200 million.It is 150 feet in height spread  between16 floors . It has 80 landings and 2500 individual steps for its vertical climb. You can also use an elevator to go up .

 From outside, Vessel looks like a structure made from shining copper.I was told that the high-rise apartments that are being built presently in this abandoned railway yard  shall provide accommodation to many  thousand   families.

This is a unique piece of architecture. I was also  told  that the ribs of   Vessel were built in italy and later shipped to new york.The construction was done under high rise enclosures so that  none could copy this unique architecture.till it was declared open  to public.

You can look at the city  and Hudson river from different heights, angles and vantage points.

Anytime  ,if yo happen to be in New York, pay a visit to Hudson Mall  (       seven-story, 720,000-square-foot ),  Shed  and Vessel.

(Avtar Mota)

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