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" The endeavours and conclusions of the sense-bound intellect can not be the last word in man’s search for truth. An intellectual approach to truth will end only in agnosticism; and often in cynicism. But the whole being of man seeks to experience truth, to realise it. … This rising above rationalism to direct experience and realisation, this growth of man from the sensate to the super-sensual dimension, is the special message of Indian spiritual tradition."

(Swami Ranganathananda)

( Head Monk Rama Krishna Mission Belur .)

About Hurt and suffering ,  Swami Ranganathananda  says:

" Hurt and pain are unavoidable as long as we exist but all our efforts must be put in a direction that will make suffering optional. Even within  hurt , lies a pack of positive energy . It throws up many good things for us . Hurt wants us to get up ,  look around and below. Never lie down when you are hurt. It is like a violent sea  storm  that also throws up  costly  shells, pearls, coconuts , wood and many useful things. You need to get up, look around and thank nature .
Keep in mind to forget yesterday's losses. We may  lose what we have today  should we always  remain busy  in remembering what we lost in this journey."

Swamiji has written essayas, articles and delivered lectures world over. Some prominent books written by swami ji can be listed as under:

(1) The Christ We Adore

(2) Eternal Values for a Changing Society Vol I Philosophy & Spirituality

(3) Eternal Values for a Changing Society Vol II Great Spiritual Teachers

(3) Eternal Values for a Changing Society Vol III Education for Human Excellence

(4) Eternal Values for a Changing Society Vol IVDemocracy for Total Human Fulfilment

(5)A pilgrim looks at the world-Volume 1

(6)A pilgrim looks at the world-Volume 2

(7) The message of Prophet Muhammad

(8) The message of the Upanishads

(9) Role and Responsibility of Teachers in building up Modern India

(10) Human  Values in Management.

(11) Science And Religion

(12) Divine Grace

(13 ) The universal Message of Bhagwat Geeta Volume 2 to 3

(14) Bhagwan Buddha And our Heritage.

(15) Practical Vedanta and the science of Values

(16) Spiritual Life of the Householder

(17) The Indian Vision of  God as Mother.

(18) Children, Humanity's Greatest Assets.

(19) Approach to Truth in Vedanta.

(20) Our Cultural Heritage And Modern Orientation.

I  feel privileged to have heard Swami ji in person. A great human being and a man who's  mission  remained truth and  Unity of Mankind.

(Avtar Mota)

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