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Empire State building. Manhattan New York...
(Mobile Photographs ....Autar Mota)

Visible from all sides and directions , this 102 storied massive structure ( built in 1931) adds elegance to Manhattan skyline. The Empire state building at night is an image that tourists take home with them as the  something that defines New York. Empire State Building’s tower lights have maintained a tradition of changing color to recognize various occasions and organizations throughout the year ;  Red, white and blue in honor of American Independence  Day, Colours of Our National Flag  On India' s independence day ,  a combination of red and green on Christmas  Day ,Red, white and green in honor of Columbus Day and so many changes  for so many National Days and Occasions  .  The OTIS high speed  lifts are always racing up. In less than a   minute , you are at the observatory of 86th floor from where you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the city below. A great experience. 

A guide informed us that at the time of their installation, elevators would go only up to 80th floor as no elevator was designed to go higher than that. Renovated in 2011,_the new elevators now go beyond that in less than a minute. We were also informed that the computerised  LED lights at the top of the tower were installed in 2012 and this new system can display 16 million colors.
As matter of fact, There are two observatories on Empire state building. One on 80th floor and other on 86th floor. The 80th floor observatory is covered by glass windows on all sides and closed. It houses a gallery of photographs relating to construction of EMPIRE state building along with details. You can take photographs of buildings below but these may not be so clear due to shades and reflections of window glasses .

The second observatory is located on 86th floor. It is circular , open and secured by steel grills around. You can walk this circular path and click photographs. You can also look below through so many telescopes that give you a closer and clear view if so many locations and Towers. I saw World Trade centre, Flat Iron building, Met Life Tower, Brooklyn Bridge, , Macy's Store, Hudson Yards, Hudson river, East River,Central Park , Chrysler Tower , New Jersey , Statue of Liberty and many more locations and prominent Buildings. 

There is another small circular observatory at 102 floor but it is closed  to public or  visitors  in general .

Close to the building on Footpath below , you find men and women in red uniforms . As they Come close to you, you hear them saying;

" sir, you wanna go up Empire. Ticket. Sir 86th Floor observatory . Come Babu ji. Madam.B Chalo Chalo. Salaam. Namaste."

In more than 90 Hollywood movies, this building features prominently. So many artists have painted it in different colours and shades. Toy replicas of the building are being sold to tourists in every market of New York and other states of USA. Post cards feature it prominently.

  • The Empire state building is home to many corporates like LinkedIn, Shutterstock,Wallgreen, Bank of America, FDIC and Coty.

The building is struck by lightning every year accordingly , it is adequately protected against lightning damage.

Till WTC building came up on New York's skyline, Empire State Building was the tallest structure in America.

(Autar Mota)

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