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Ajay Bakaya is considered as the face of Modern Hotel Business in India .With more than 30 years experience in the line , Ajay Commands global respect in his profession . He is an MBA in Hotel Administration from IMHI. Cornell Essec Paris.

Ajay Did his schooling from Saint Edward school Shimla . He is a fitness enthusiast who has raised charities at multiple occasions through marathon runs. Five in Delhi, two Mumbai, one in Gurgaon, and numbers are irrelevant.

In 2016 , He was listed as one among the Powerful Executives of the world .In his Current assignment , He directly oversees the operations and development of 75 hotels – 50 of which are in India.

His 30 years of international hotel experience includes assignments in Australia, France, UK and Africa. 

Ajay informs us :

“We are setting up our presence in new markets and scaling up all our brands Premiere, Portico and Hometel. We aim to further strengthen our overseas presence and take our brands to additional destinations across the African continent. Portfolio of 75 hotels in 40 destinations– our brands now include Sarovar Premiere, Sarovar Portico, and Hometel and restaurant brands Geoffrey's and Oriental Blossom. I have spearheaded Sarovar's Africa development, in Nairobi and Dar-Es Salaam, with goals to replicate the India story in the continent of promise. I have accountability of turnover of USD 20M, and hotel revenues of USD 300M+. ”

" I love any restaurant with good light and a view of nature. I Love creme brulee, So if it's on the menu, i usually try . " Your Erroneous Zones " by Wayne W Dyer tops my list of favourite Books . It highlights human shortcomings and tells you how to live a happy life. "

"I love the line 'MAA TUJHE SALAAM'— It's an ode to a mother and a salute to our nation. Mother the epithet for utmost sincerity and purity of love on this planet . The total provider and a perfect shield that protects the child . So is the country ."

"People were always aware of the situations in the society, only now they have more money to contribute for a cause. They have become more liberal with their generosity. I run every day as a part of my routine. “

"I want to provide education to the underprivileged children. I would contribute for it in own capacity, and try and raise funds for the same .Change comes when we think and then act on it. Sometimes, there are limited resources, but with commitment and sincerity I think we can still make a difference. Just run for it!" 

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