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     ( Balkar Sidhu Performing  a NUKKAD play in Punjab University Campus Chandigarh )
BALKAR SIDHU..(Born 1952)

He is a well known Theatre Personality from Punjab . Presently General Secretary Chandigarh IPTA , Balkar Sidhu has been performing on Stage , Streets ( Nukkad ), Television and in films . A versatile Actor , Director, writer and choreographer , his story is again a life dedicated primarily to Theatre . Having worked with doyens of Theatre in the country, Balkar Sidhu is currently engaged in imparting acting skills to children and younger generation in Punjab. He also trains them in various dance forms like Bhangra, Jhoomar, Luddi, Gidha and Sammi. He is a member of the National Executive committee of IPTA affiliated to UNESCO.
              (With Film Actor Ranjeet)      

A student of Punjab University Chandigarh informed me :

“ It is a treat to watch him act . He came to Chandigarh University Campus to perform a Nukkad play that was so powerful in its message . Not only the students , even the teaching staff rushed to see him act as Madaari with a Dug-Dugi.”

He superannuated as Assistant Director from Languages Department Govt of Punjab.Balkar Sidhu is post Graduate with Honours in Hindi and a Diploma in Translation(Urdu).A Diploma in Bharatnatyam and a Sangeet Bhushan is demonstrative of his varied Artistic and literary interests.

                                              ( With Hindi Cinema Actor  Rishi Kapoor )

                                                      ( With  Actor Om Puri )
Balkar has represented India in various Theatre Festivals or folk dance Festivals either as principal performing Artist or Choreographer and sometimes as Troupe leader..In this capacity, he has visited Indonesia, Malaysia, England, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea and many other countries.
And in 2004, he has represented India in the International Street Theatre Festival held at Burno in Czech Republic.

     (With filmmaker M.S Sathyu )
Balkar has a rich experience of directing Operas .SASSI PUNNU , that he directed for National Theatre Competition in 2004 was very well received by audience .Then again he acted , choreographed and danced for the popular Play GOODMAN DI LAALTAIN that had more than 150 shows all over the country . This play was performed continuously for 6 years( from 1986 to 1982 ) on repeated public demand. He has directed , choreographed and performed and danced in hundreds of shows , Plays , Ballets and operas .
Though his focus area has been Street Theatre , Stage , Punjabi Films and Television , We also saw him in some Hindi films like Tanu Weds Manu , Desi Magic ,Meray Dad K Maruti .Aayi Bala Ko Taal Tu etc. Not only that , Balkar has written and published some Books as well.I quote some notable works l like Batth Peiyaa sona ( a collection of Three Plays ) and punjabi translation of Dr Paul Hauck's Book "Depression" . He is currently scripting SASSI PUNNU for a stage performance .


 He defines his life and the struggle that he launched in a couplet of  urdu poet  Mazhar Imam :

 “Havaa Thhi  Teiz  Jalaatay  Rahay Dilon Mein Charaag,
Kati hai Umar lahu Apnaa Raigaan Kartay..
Dayaar Khwaab Mein Thehray Hisaab  e Gul Mein Rahay,
Magar Yeh Gham Hi Rahaa Khudd Ko Shaadmaan kartay..

So long so much on Balkar Sidhu..Next time something more on this dedicated and wholesome Artist.

( Autar Mota )

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