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(Photo Avtar Mota )

To this photo , I add Part 1 of My Kashmiri Poem “ Barmandhinein Gayee Maagitch *Maavus “ or ” The Noon Time turned to a  Dark and cold night Of *Maagha Month “. The poem is in two parts . Both Parts of this poem along with English rendering shall now appear on my  BLOG as many Non kashmiri friends wanted English rendering of the poem . 

Part 1 of this poem is dedicated to the victims of Terrorism in the world.

Part 1

(January 19,1990 Part I )

Vaa’na Peinjunn Pyaath gayee Kanna Sheish Hish,

Kaemm Taam Po’r Subhukk Akhbaar..

Burra Pyaath Neuukh Astaaniekk Naba Meer

Dopahuss Tchhandaan chhuyee sardaar ..

Latchhi Kujji Yelli Pyaav Mukhbir Naav 
Bonn Gaamus Munz Gayee Tchal Laar ..
Daareinn Gayee Burr Larrie gayee khaali
Yelli Hairruv Kienn Kho’t shaahmaar ..
Voagg Kienn Voathh Chogga Laagiethh Raah-tcho’kk 
Tarfaatun Guvv Chhakraan Naar ..
Zebuss Tcho’l Mahaaraza pottur Hyathh
Vienni Tuss Tchhaandaan Abli Dar..
Sri Kanthuss Haett Gund Dinna Baaput 
Ka’lla pyaath Neuoon Tamiessi Dastaar..
Shaaluv Raaett Chhirr Kuth Vattie vattie Pyath
Gunnie Gunnie Tchopukh Myooth Shikaar..
Burr Maendhineun gayee Maagitch Maavuss
Thhossi Thhossi Pyaav sheen Ryathh Ouss Haar..
Kaetti Roodh Noa’tt Saarang Tumbaknaar
Huemm Zoa’l Saantoor Yeimm Seytaar..
Buss Buss Tche Ti Aayii Aeish Dhaar 
Ammie Pataa Chhunna Vananuss Meiti Vaar…..

( Avtar Mota )
My simple English rendering would be as under …..

(January 19,1990, Part-I )

A Hush Hush Talk erupted on Bazaar shops 

When some one read the morning Newspaper …

To *Naba Mir , They said “ * The Commander Desires to see You”

And picked him up from Outside the Shrine’s door .

And When *Lachha- Kujj was named as Police informer ,
Residents in Bongaam village started running for life ..
The Windows turned exit doors ,
houses started getting emptied 
When the Serpents used staircases to go up the dwellings .
Draped in Robes, the Devil
Leapt inside through the rooftop window
and put all directions on fire .
He Dragged *Zeba’s grown up son to some undisclosed destination, 
And look How poor *Abli Dar still looks out for him.
To strangle *Sri Kanth by neck ,
He Used the *Headgear of Sri Kanth only.
On every path ,The wolves preyed upon innocent lambs 
And devoured their flesh piece after piece .
The Noon time turned 
Like the Dark and cold Night of *“Maagha”.
And in the Summer month of *“ Haara “,
unendingly fell the snow from the skies .
Useless turned the* Saarangi , *Tumbhaknaar and the* Matkaa,
And to flames were put , the *Santoor and the *Sitar . 
Oh! These tears in your eyes ! Let me wind up the story ,
Yes , Beyond this, I too am not comfortable with this story telling.

( Avtar Mota )
(To be continued in Part 2.)


(The poem presents  scenario of the dark days that kashmir went through in early nineties of the last century on account of Armed militancy. Every Kashmiri saw the Naked Dance of Death and Destruction , loss of centuries old shared culture and the painful migration of Pandits to the plains of the country. In an environment of suspicion , Silence became the only communication in kashmir . In this poem , I have used some names which I need to clarify to the reader .

In Kashmir Ghulam Nabi Mir is also fondly known as *Naba Meer. Word *Commander means the Leader of the Gang of killers or Terrorists . *Lachha- kujj used to be the popular name of an elderly kashmiri Pandit woman.

 . *Zeba is a common name of a Muslim woman while *Sri kanth used to be the name of elderly kashmiri Pandit Male . In Kashmir, Abdul or Abdullah is also fondly known as Abli and Dar is popular caste .

*Dastaar or Headgear used to be a symbol of respect in kashmirian society.

 *Maagha is the wintry month of Bikrami calender that corresponds to a period of Mid January to Mid February .Similarly * Haara or Haar or Harh is the peak summer month of the Bikrami calender and corresponds to a period of Mid June to Mid July. 

*Tumbhaknaar, *Matkaa ( Noa’tt), *Sitar and *Santoor are some Musical instruments used in kashmir . kashmiri word *Maavus means Amavasya .)

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