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To the above photograph  , I am adding lines from a popular folk song from Kashmir with simple English rendering done by me  for friends who do not understand Kashmiri .
This is not my photograph  But my due  thanks to the photographer who clicked it..I received it from a friend and I have no knowledge about its  actual source . Here goes the folk song ........

“ Hiye mey Gwod deu”t Baag neirvuniye
Sheyi Ryei’t draayus bazaar kunaye.
Samkhaan ta samkhyom bub panuniye ,
Kharaan ta khaarnas ku’th panuniye,
Rang kuthi kornam prang vathharuniye,
Zoori pyaath thovnam shama dazavuniye,
Brontha –kani beuthum *Pothi/ *Quran Paravuniye,
Zor zor  heutmas seer baavuniye,
Loei loeti  heutmas oush traavuniye ,
Dopnumm koori yi chhu tsaaluniye ,
Vaariev gari chhuyi tse dhyaen bharuniye,
Maalien garie chhuna kenh laaruniye,
Baaey  maaleun gav bael maaleuniye,
Gatchh gatchhi koori gara panuniye”................
( A kashmiri folk Song )

“ Nursing those jasmine plants ,
I came out of that garden.
And today after six months ,
I move out of my house
 towards the market.
Lo ! Among others , 
I also met my darling  farther ,
How affectionately he 
drags me to my parental home,
Here he takes me inside that decorated room
And  there he makes me sit comfortably .
There he lights the candle on the lamp stand 
And sits before me Reading from the scriptures / Quran 
Loudly I start narrating my woes ,
Softly do the tears trickle down my eyes .
And he keeps consoling me
 to endure this  all ?
And then he keeps telling me,  
“ You have to spend your days
 at your inlaw's house.
What shall you get in your parental home?
Worthless turns the parental home 
When your brother heads it ,
Proceed back to your inlaw’s house
 my darling child ” …

This was the most popular and emotional folk song that was sung by Kashmiris . I have heard it from Muslim women/ girls performing Roff dance in slow but measured steps. I have heard it from Kashmiri Pandit women and girls in Mehndiraat sung on fast Hikkat dance . I have heard it being sung on Tumbaknaari beats in Mehndiraat functions of Pandits and Muslims . *Instead of *Quralan in the seventh line above ,Pandits would use word *Poeth (Pothi or  sometimes Gita  ) .Muslims used the word Quran .That was the only difference . A shared cultural legacy of Kashmiris. Women wept while singing it . It touched the listeners as well. The words echoed the pain and pathos of a married girl who was desperately seeking some support system that did not exist in Kashmiri society . From all quarters she was made to believe in one line .
“ You have to bear with it and endure it  “
A reconciliation .A compromise at self peril . A small leap to freedom ended in a hasty retreat to her inlaw’s house .
( Autar Mota )

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