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                              (Amin Kamil with Modern Artist Bimal Dasgupta  at Bansi Parimu's  Art Exhibition in Srinagar)
                                            ( Amin Kamil with his friend Pran Kishore ) 
Raavaaii Ta Tche Nieshi Zaanie Khudaa Neab Me Neiryaa,
Raavukh Ta Gatchhukh Myaanie Be Putchh Seena Baraamadh…
( Amin Kamil )

" If I am lost , God knows,
if some clue at all shall emerge from you
To know My Whereabouts .
But for sure , If you are misplaced ,
You shall be recovered close to this mistrusted heart of mine…:"

What more can i add  about late Amin Kamil ( 1924-2014 ) when   too much is already  available on Internet  ?  More  and more is being added  by his admirers and his   talented  son Muneeb ur Rehman  . Muneeb is also associated with   NEAB , a literary  magazine in kashmiri  that the late poet started  in 1968 . One needs to see the literary standard of NEAB to believe  me when I say that the Magazine is exceptional .

Yes  I would say something  from my own observations  based on two or three interactions with late Kamil sahib .  Whenever  I saw him  ,following lines of Naadim would immediately come to my mind ..

Aadunuk Badaam Hue,
Maaji Hundh Momm Daam Hue
Gaam Pyethaa Yetchkaael Vothhumut *Treil Hyaathh  Zunn Maam Hue,
Assi wattan Rut Gaam Hue.
( Dina Nath Naadim )

Like the  fresh Almond fruit of the season ,
Or a  mouthful of  milk  from mother’s breast  for a child,
Like the maternal uncle , After long time ,bringing Treil fruit
from his village Orchard ,
Our country is like a beautiful Village .
( *Treil is Small late  Autumn fruit  in Kashmir resembling an Apple. It is very small in size , juicy and tastes like an apple. )

By  appearance  and communication , Kamil gave you the  strong    feeling of  the traditional warmth of a  Kashmiri host .   He was a  man of culture , tradition and  sharp wit . Affable , Educated   and well read  , he  had a heart that was   full of something like  rustic  cheerfulness  and sincerity . Something Typical , unique   and impressive  trait of his personality .

He was simple , down to earth ,sharp , kind  and resourceful. He had  very sharp memory coupled with a deep quest for knowledge and a sharp insight that could observe anything around  and put the same in his writings in such a manner that it ripped apart the hypocrisy that existed in the society wherefrom he had picked up the issue.
                                           ( With  urdu writer Krishen chander )
                                  ( With kashmiri writer  prof. Hari Krishen Kaul  )
                           ( With Dina Nath Naadim and Ghulam Rasool Nazki )
                                  ( With Ghulam Nabi Firaq and Margoob Banihaali )

                                    ( Receiving Padamshri  from Dr A P J Abul Kalam )

He was a poet , translator , Essayist , Short story writer , Novelist and  a researcher . Kamil  belonged to the group of  pioneers  who brought  short story and Novel  to Kashmiri Literature. 

Along with Naadim , Firaq and  Rahi , he  brought  new content , thought  and sensibilities to kashmiri Poetry .  He remained a little exceptional  in this  regard  as his poems and  Gazals were lyrically satirical but full of  inherent music and feel of the land  of his birth. To him goes the credit of writing a very informative book on Bahai Faith “ Baha Ullaah Ta  Asar I Jadeed “. To him goes the credit of  beautifully Translating Tagore’s Post office and Raja O Rani.  He has  his proud place amongst the pioneers of NEW  GAZAL in kashmiri poetry .
His novel  “Gatti Munz Gaash “  was perhaps  the second novel in kashmiri  literature that he published in 1959 .  Prior to that Akhtar Mohi Ud Din had published first Kashmiri novel  “Doad Dugg “ in 1958. In respect of short stoies ,  he immediately arrived on the scene after   Dina Nath Naadim and Som Nath Zutshi  , Paving way for many more to follow.  “Jawaabee Card  “and  “Yeli phol Gaash “ , were  first  kashmiri Short stories of Naadim and Zutshi  respectively  that were published in Kwong Posh in its  March 1950 issue .  
His short story collection  “ Kathi Manz Kath  “shows his understanding of nature and  his  serious  observation of  kashmiri society. Cock fight is his widely apprecited and  translated story .About this story Khushwant singh once commented ..

“ I do not know who is Kamil. But after reading this story , I feel like knowing the man and reading him more . This writer  has a  keen  observation  of what is happeing around and then conveying it  with light  send-up and rustic realism and a style. ”  

 This story ( In English translation done by Prof.Neerja Mattoo ) has  been included in Volume II of Contemporary Indian short stories published by Sahitya Academy in 1967 . This volume has 22 short stories, representing a panorama of Indian life  written during the period 1930-1950 and selected by Sahitya Academy Advisory Board  .COCK FIGHT  finds a place in this volume along with   stories of  some Great masters like Rajinder Singh Bedi ( Lajwanti ), Jainendra Kumar ( jahanavi ) , Vaikom Muhammad Basheer ( Birthday ), Mlk Raj Anand ( The Golden Watch ), R K Narayan (Another community ),Tarashanker Banerjee ( Boatman Tarini ), Sant Sing Sekhon ( The Whirlwind )and Thakazhi Shivasankara Pillai ( The flood ).  

As a story writer he  uses light satire  and sarcasm to rip apart  the two-facedness  of the society . He used this technique in poetry as well ( TAAY-NAAMA   and  SAWAAL  CHHU KALLUK poems ).

I am informed that his play PAGAAH CHHU GAASHDAAR  became quite popular when it was staged  in 1955. Same year he brought out a collection of his progressive  NAZMS book titled  MUSS MULLER . In his secod poetic collection LAVA TA PRAVA  (  The book won him sahitya Academy award of  1967 ) , he used  references from Hindu mythology to  put forth his new  poetic Sensibilites  .
He must have edited more than 100 issues of SHEERAZA . His critically edited collection of Sufi poetry (Sufi Shair, 3 vols., 1964-6.5) has been widely  commended  in Literary circles .He has also edited the collected verse of Nund Reshi and   Habba Khatun  for the Cultural Academy .
I have with me  another book of this master titled “ Zatchie Hallum “ This book  is full of kashmiri translation of Allama Iqbal’s poetry.
His  poetic  technique gets more polished  in his  later collections of  namely, Beyi Suy Paan (Again the Same Self, 1967), Padis Pod Tshay (One Foot Shadowing the Other, 1972) and Yim Myan Sokhan (These, My Words, 2007).

Born At Kapran shopian in south kashmir , kamil was LLB and practiced Law initially. Later he joined as college Lecurer. He finally joined J&K state cultural Academy in 1958  where he edited SHEEARZA and SOAN ADAB  for many years .

                                                  ( With well known painter  G R Santosh)


                ( Amin Kamil with Rehman Rahi, Sardar jafri, Ali Mohd Lone, Dina Nath Nadim and Akhtar Mohiuddin)              

The   recent Flood devastation  in kashmir  did play some emotional turmoil  for him. He  had to remain cut off from his family for some days  in an overall environment of chaos and confusion.. Due to poor health , he  moved to Jammu in october 2014  to  stay with his son Anees Ur Rehman .The end came  early   on 30th October 2014.

For ages to come , kashmiris shall remain indebted to this great son of the soil for enriching their  Language literature .. He was  decorated with Padamshri as well  . 

I  conclude this post with  some  couplets from his Gazals with my english rendering…
Dil Maag Rooh Maag taa Soaruuy Zamaana maag
Vushnaavi Kuss ya sheen Kamiss vanizee jaam di…

( Amin kamil)

This heart ,This soul and this world around is like the cold “Maagha ”
.O Heart ! Who shall warm up this ice ?
To whom should we look for a glassful of wine ?
( Maagha or Maagh is a month of Bikrami calender and corresponds to Mid January to Mid February )
Haawas Kaanchhaan Tchaanie shoob
Paanus Taamuthh Chhuyee Atii Aur
( Amin Kamil )
( My yearnings are for your magnificence alone ,
Beyond that , everything lies in your hands )
Ticket laagithh Bandh Lifaafun Munz
Be pataa Khat Chha Daak-Khaaneik Aiess..
( Amin Kamil )
( Duly stamped and sealed ,
We are like postal envelopes with no address )
Agar me Jaani Manuss Aav zaanh Khuda Ratchhienum
Ye qaaynaat Karan Chaak Paninie Naaleikk Paaeth
( Amin Kamil )
( God forbid , if I am driven to desperation ,
This universe, I shall tear apart like my shirt’s collor )
Bekhabar Paaeth Baag Traavithh Tcholhamo
Haai Tanhaa Daag Traavithh Tcholhamo
( Amin Kamil )
( Without my Knowledge , You left this garden ,
Now a wound of loneliness for me in your absence )

……………………………………………….May his soul rest in peace..

( Autar Mota )
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