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Two persons ( Shantiveer kaul and Shailesh Mota.) made a specific comment to my poem (that I uploaded recently ) that four lines composed by me are in Kaka Hathrasi style. Shantiveer ji ( son of well known  kashmiri Poet   Dina Nath Naadim ) reads and writes a lot. Add to this, he appears to be retaining a lot as well . I treat him as an encyclopedia on Urdu , Hindi , English and kashmiri literature . I am surprised about Shailesh Mota . Shailesh lives currently in South Korea . Totally cut off from Literature and poetry , he spoke Kaka’s another poem “Anpad Biwi “ to me over telephone yesterday word by word as I had spoken to him in his childhood.. I would read Kaka poems to him when he was a child. The satire and humour in these poems would bring smiles on his face . So did I read kaka to many cousins in our family . None has forgotten his name nor the punch lines from his poems .

“ Aaiye Aaiye ! To Aap Hain Kaka . Sunaa hai Hum par Bhi Khoob likha hai . Aap ki woh Agra Cantt or Cement permit Vaali Kavita Bahut Khoob hai.”said Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru to Kaka Hatharasi when a group of Hindi poets from UP were invited by Pandit ji to his residence in New Delhi.
And for readers I reproduce lines from both the poems from my memory apart from some lines from another popular poem of kaka .

Anpad Biwi ( Illiterate wife )

Anpad Biwi ko sikhlaaya
Patr ( Letter ) likho to aissay
Oopper ( Top ) Likho Praan Piyaare
Neechay ( Bottom ) Charnon ki Daasi
Pehlaa Patr Mila Uskaa to
Sar Chakraaya Mera
Oopper Likha Charan Dass
Neechay Praanon ki Pyaasi
( kaka Hatharasi )

And the poem which Pandit ji also liked

Lagaa Agra Cantt pe supply ka Tent
Kaka Bhi Lenay Gaye Duss Thelaa Cement
“Duss Thelaa cement?”
“Karaa Do File Arzi .”
Hum ne kahaa Huzoor Aap Ki Jaisi Marzi
Saade Paanch Maheenay Baad Lifaafa Aaya
Khola Uss mein Do Thelay Ka permit paaya
Aglay Din Bazaar mein Milay seth Harbans
Bolay Kaka Pistol Ka Dilvaavo Licence
Dilvaavo Licence Seth Hum Ne samjhaaye
Duss Thelay Maangay thhay Do Thelay Paaye
Issi Ganit ( Maths ) Ko Soanch samjh Kar Lambi Haanko
Pistol Chaaho To Licence Toapp ( Canon ) Ka Maango .

(Naam Bade Aur Darshan Chhotay )

Naam Roop Ke Bheid par kabhi kiya hai goar
Naam mila Kuchh aur to Shakl Akal Kuchh aur
Shakl akal kuchh aur Nain Sukh Dekhay Kaane
Babu Sunderlaal Banaaye Einchak-taanay
Kah Kaka kavi Dayaraam Ji Maarein machchhar
Vidhyadhar ko Bhains baraabar Kaala akshar
Pandit shanti swroop chalaatay dekhay Danday
Keh Kaka Jwala Prasad Ji Bilkul Thanday ..
( kaka Hatharasi )

Who is Kaka Hathrasi ?

Padamshri Kaka Hathrasi is the assumed name of Prabhu Dayal Garg (1906-1995 ) from Hathras in UP who was not only a poet of humour and satire but an authority on Indian classical Music and Dance. His style of humour and satire was mature and direct . He wrote very sharp satires on social, religious and political evils, greed and corruption engulfing India at that time. A stream of poets followed his style . Kaka Died on 18th September . This was his birthday as well and accordingly this day is now celebrated as “ Humour Day ” in the country .
Kaka has published more than 40 books of humorous verse . Almost all the books have been published by Hind Pocket Books New Delhi. I would suggest readers to go through his book JAI BOLO BAIMAAN KI . The subjects and issues that kaka has touched are more relevant today.Kaka had a large number of admirers which included Firaq Gorakhpuri and Harivansh Rai Bachan . I quote some select lines from this book ..

Neta Ji Ki car se Kuchal gayaa Mazdoor
Beech Sadak Par Mar Gayaa Huyee garibi Door
Gaadi Ko Le gaye Bhagaa-kar Jai Ho Kirpa Nidhaan ki
Jai bolo Baimaan ki

Mill Maalik Se Mil gaye Neta Namak Halaal
Mantra Pad Diyaa Kaan Mein Khatam huyee hartaal
Patra Push Se Pocket Bhar Di Shramikon ke shaitaan Ki
Jai Bolo Baimaan ki

Munn Mailaa Tunn Ujaraa Bhaashan Lachhedaar
Ooper Satyaachaar hai Andher Brashtachaar
Jhoothon ke Ghar Pandit Baanchay Kathhaa Satya Bhagwaan ki
Jai Bolo Baimaan ki

( Autar Mota 06.09.2013)

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