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Photo Autar Mota
Place  Shivpora Bund srinagar, Kashmir
Time .. May 2013.

This photo somehow brings a feeling of uneasiness ; This uneasiness can not be explained by me. May be a visual discomfort or may be simple  fear . There used to be a BONNIE GOAFF in DAV School Rainawari . you could find a cat or a dog suddenly jumping at you if you went inside or moved very close to it . I was always afraid of going near it.
And with this word FEAR ,some lines from a Poem of Noted kashmiri Poet Farooq Nazki come to my mind. He has also used the word “BONNIE GOAFF ” to describe FEAR in his KASHMIRI poem” Naad Laayey “ OR “ I shall call you ”. This is my favourite poem . The Poem appeared in ‘Koshur samachar ‘published from New Delhi possibly around 1993 .I do not remember the year correctly . It could be even 1992.That is when I first read it . I add select lines on FEAR from this poem :-

Chhu Khoaff Daarien Barrun Awezaan,
Chhaa Aanganuss Munz Naqaab Laagithh Balaayee Praaraan,
Chhaa Byaar Phyaangaan Bonnie Goffie Munz,
Khoakhir Gaameit Aaiss Lafaz Ta Aaluv ,
Jawaan Maswal harithh Peimutch Aaiss ,
Pashunn Foalithh Aaiss Gulaal Aamit
Magar Khamaan Ouss hawaa yithh-kaein
Poahhuss Andhar Sseahh wasaan Gaamuss Andher
Taa Tchhaaraan shikaar Boachh Hoat…………..

( Farooq Nazki )

Fear dangles from doors and windows,
While the masked devils wait for us in the courtyard .
The cat kept mewing in its burrow dug in the chinar tree trunk,
Stammering for words , how could we cry ,
The youthful iris (flower ) fell to dust ,
Tulips grew wild on mud roofed house ,  
And frighteningly blew the wind like a hungry Lion
that comes down to the village in Mid January
( from the forest after the winter snowfall )
And goes wild after every prey .

This poem represents the painful period of Early nineties in Kashmir valley . A period of fear and fright. The poet does not focus on fear and fright alone . He also conveys the suffering of one and all either within or outside the valley . The poem ends with an optimistic note when the poet concludes “Chhu Naavie vaaviy Nivaan Batheiss Kunn “ or “ It is the storm alone that carries the boat to the safety of the bank “ .
Farooq Nazki weaves a tapestry of emotions and thoughts to convey his anguish with what happened during that dark period . I rate it as a finest poem that touches all kashmiris wherever they be .The poet intensely misses those who had to leave the valley and also conveys their pain and suffering in this long poem . I quote select lines :-

Dapaan Tim Aaiss Khaaemaa Diy Diy
Achhunn Andher Khwaab Tchoorie Thhaawaan ,
Magar shabuss Aaiss Gulaab Thhaawaan Shaandha Nendhir Kaanchhaan ,
Soruff karaan Aaiss Geer Khaaemunn,
Taa Poashaa toorein Gatchhaan Dumm Ouss ,
Kaaer Fier Fier Vuchhaan Bietch Aaiss ,
Zameen shoalaan Ta Aasmaan Ouss Naar Chhakraan ,
Naa Ouss Baatie
Naa Ouss Aaluv ,
Naa Poash Pooza
Naa tsraar Boad Doah .
Me yuthh Naa Roakukh
Me Kuthh karrien Chhum.
( Farooq Nazki )

They lived in tented Barracks,
Hiding Dreams in their eyes ,
Keeping a rose flower near the pillow at night ,
A rose for the sleep to visit them ,
Snakes encircled While scorpions raised their head to have a look inside these tents ,
And the tender flowers felt choked .
The earth turned a furnace for them
while the sky rained fire balls .
Not a song do we hear now,
None calls us by our name now,
None worships the deity with flower petals,
None witnesses the celebrations at Tsraar Sharief ,
Don’t stop me ,
I need to out pour my feelings ………………………………

Every line from this poem is a mini Poem. I quote
1 Kamiss Khabar Kar haruud Watithh Guvv bahaar rooshithh
( Who knows when the Autumn wrapped itself up and when this spring went away displeased )
2 Shinaai Baagus Pagaah Pholunn Gul
( This deserted garden shall tomorrow bloom with flowers)
3 Rattuss ta Khaakuss gamietch Kuneii dathh
( Human blood has mixed with dirt to form a lump )
4 samay Tchalithh Guvv Ta Aalivaai Moash
( As time moved fast , We forgot names as well )
5 Grakaan ragunn Munz Kruhuun Vushunn ruthh
( Black blood boils in our veins now )
6 Yimuvv Qadam Kaddie garauvv neuburr
Tim Na Aayee feerithh Naa tchhaaend Soantan.
( Those who stepped out of their homes ,Did neither return nor did this spring seek their whereabouts )
7 Gulaal Barra Gayee
( Suddenly Tulips turned dust and vanished )
8 Barrun Ta Daarein Wujood Chhaavithh
( Our existence too hangs on these doors and windows )
9 Naa chhhoavv Soantaai Naa booz Cheurgish
( Neither did we notice the spring nor did we listen to chirping birds )

( Autar Mota ) 28.05.2013. 11.30 PM Good Night .
 *English rendering from kashmiri by Autar Mota
Creative Commons LicenseCHINAR SHADE by Autarmota is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.
Based on a work at http:\\autarmota.blogspot.com\.

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