Friday, January 25, 2013


 Photographs  Autar Mota 

I  have uploaded some photographs of Stone Cutters of Athwajan in kashmir . Right from Pandrethan in  the city outskirts , one finds the road side dotted with shops selling Vokhul , Nyaami , Kaajwath , Gravestones and Building stones .All cut and chiseled from Devri stone quarries located near PANDRETHAN Hill in the outskirts of srinagar city. These stones were also used in Bhudist  Chaitya  and Temples at  Parihaaspora kashmir  .There is sufficient evidence that elephants were also used to carry these heavy stone slabs from one place to another in Kashmir .Devri stones were extensively used  for  Temple construction in ancient Kashmir .These stones have been used for construction of Martand Sun Temple, Awantiswamin Temples of aantuipoea as well as Gaurisa And Sungadesh Temples of Pattan. Later the stones were also used for construction of Mosques and other Buildings . These stones were also  tastefully lined in the foundation of old  building in Kashmir.

 In one of the uploaded views you can see stones from the hill being carried in trucks to city for construction as well as to the stone cutting units located on national Highway near Athawajan in Kashmir .  This area has been famous for Devri stones since last two thousand years . These stones have also caught the attention of Lal Ded or Lalleshwari who was born in Sempore ( Near present day Pampore and proximal to Devri stone Area of Kashmir ).  A Devri stone pillar of AWANTISWAMIN TEMPLE Ruins at Awantipora has also been uploaded .

Deev vattaa divur vattaa
Peythha bvona chhuy ik-vaathh:
Pooz kas karakh hutt Bhattaa,
Kar manas ta pavanas sangaath.
( Lalleshwari )

The idol is  a stone,
The  temple too is  a stone,
From top to bottom it is nothing but just a stone and a stone only.
Whom shall  you worship , O stubborn  Pandit  ?
Attempt unification of your Pranna and the mind .

 ( Autar Mota )
24th january 2013.Thursday 11.55 PM .. Good Night 


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