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  (A Girl showing  saffron flowers at Galandhar Pampore  , kashmir   )
  ( The saffron flower )                                                
        (Saffron flowers with  Bulbs  )                                    
         ( Three crimson stigmas of the flower )                                                                  
   ( saffron being dried at Kadalbal Pampore  )
  ( saffron being dried  in Pampore )
      ( A Man standing near saffron fields of GALANDHAR PAMPORE )  
     ( The crimson  stigmas  after being removed from the flower )      
              ( The Dried saffron ready for sale )

Saffron is actually the crimson  stigmas of   the Saffron flower . Saffron crocus  Bulbs are planted in fertile lands  and these bulbs produce flowers only after one year . It  is grown on plateaus ( Known as Wudar  in Kashmiri ) near Pampore town in Kashmir Valley  . Experiments were also  carried out at other places for saffron production but the results were not satisfying . Subsequently, the people in other areas preferred other crops especially  fruits over saffron.Each flower produces only three 3 stigmas and each saffron crocus bulb will only produce 1 flower. Flowers plucked are then dried and the stigmas removed .

 Sold at Rs150- 170  per gram currently , the price of this rare agricultural produce skyrocketed to Rs500 per gram some time back . The saffron produced in Kashmir has excellent aroma and colour .It is known world over  for its purity and quality . Used mostly as a coloring agent for foodstuff  , it is also used as medicine , spice and in temples and religious ceremonies by Hindus  . Kashmiris also use it for making KEHWA TEA know as KONG  KAHWAA.
In Kashmir ,  

( Autar Mota )
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