Monday, February 28, 2011


The Traditional feed  being carried from Dal lake srinagar .
(Photo Autar Mota)

 I add my kashmiri Poem " Aiess Funkaar" ( We Artists ).The poem has been done to simple English as well                                                                          
(Aeiss Funkaar )

Burr Peuth Pokk Aessi Subhuk Vaavaa,
Graav Karaan Rooshithh Bezaar.
Burr Draav Saanie Taa Royee Badalovunn,
Chhakraan Guvv Shabanam Shehjaar.
Yee Guvv Deik Laaneuk Bazaar

Aeiss Funkaar Chhe Yaarunn Yaar

Teungaluvv Peiuth Nannavaarie Pakaan Aeiss
Zeivee Saeit Aeiss Chhaavaan Gulzaar
Burrgaameit Parachhein Armaanunn
Kuss Praatshei Tayee Kyaa Thhaavov Shumaar
Yaavunn Chhovv Naa Vuchh Lokachaar.

Aeiss Funkaar Chhe Yaarunn Yaar.

Tschaeti Ditaa Zakhamaa Chhokh Seenuss Peyath,
Akh Akh Hawuss Kar Missmaar.
Aessie Deuot Subhuk Gaash Zamanuss ,
Aessie Rott Siriyun Naar O Naar .
Maaguss deuot Soantukk Anahaar.

Aeiss Funkaar Chhe Yaarunn Yaar

( Avtar Mota )

(We Artists)

This morning Breeze moved past us ,
Complaining in a painfully unfriendly way.
Behold ! it changed its style while departing from us
To spread Dew and freshness elsewhere.
Lo! This is our luck in the worldly Bazaar
.We artists are friends to one and all.

With bare feet , we move on Burning Charcoal,
And Our words bring spring season in gardens everywhere.
Our desires! Yes exiled and cut off,
Who seeks to know ?
And why should wee keep count.
We who neither enjoyed youth nor lived the sweet childhood.

We artists are friends to one and all.

You too come and put this heart to injury,
You too inflict a wound .
Come demolish each and every hope and desire within,
We , who labour to give the world a beautiful Dawn,
Alas ! just receive fire and Fury in return.
We always granted spring like ambience even to intense cold seasons .

We artists are friends to one and all.
( Avtar Mota )

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