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Butchers are like surgeons . Very Articulate with their knife .Very clever sales men. Kashmiris always treat them specially. While buying mutton in a butcher’s shop , they wait for casual customers to leave . They engage the butcher in gossip. They brief and update him on current affairs. This all is primarily meant to have some good selective mutton .
Kashmiris need mutton for a variety of dishes .Obviously they need it from different parts of the slaughtered sheep or goat . For Rogan Josh , Yakhani , Keema and Tabak Maaz the pieces have to be from different parts of the slaughtered animal. The butcher has to be careful in cutting the pieces some of which have to be pure mutton some with a little fat content and some have to be mutton with bones. It is really a tough job both ways ; buying and selling . The butcher uses his communication skills to sell all his stock equitably while every purchaser insists to buying selectively. Butchers for sure know what they have to sell while the buyer generally feels he did not get what he wanted . The butcher cleverly passes on his stuff to the buyer saying :-

“Tse Chhay naa Me Peuth Puchh . Tse Vuchh Baa Kyaa Dimmmay ”

(Why not trust me ? Let you see what shall I give)

“Ye Piece Chhuyee Amee Munz”

(This piece is from this hanging flesh )

“Baa zaana na Budaah maadha kanun ”

I do not sell old sheep ( Female )

“Ruth Ye Guvv Chhirr Kuth . Yaad Karakh zi maaz Kyaa Deut Ganiyunn”

(Take this . It is young Lamb. You shall remember this Ganai ( Butcher )

The buyer is never satisfied with what he purchases from a butcher’s shop always thinking that perhaps he stands cheated. When the customer is about to leave , The butcher passes on a clever advice :

“Auth Dizi Na Paak ya Pressure . Ye Gatsee galith ”

( Do Not boil too much or  cook in a Pressure cooker. This stuff is just going to melt away. )
I end this brief post with some lines from the poem  TRANA E URDU of Ali sardar jafri

Chaley hain Gang o jaman ki Vaadi se Hum Hawaa e Bahaar ban Kar,
Himalayaa Se Uttar Rahein hain Tarana e Aabshaar ban kar,
Ravaan Hain Hindostaan Ki Rag rag Mein  Khoon Ki Surkh Dhaar ban kar
Hamaari Pyaari Zabaan Urdu,
Hamaare Nagmon Ki Jaan urdu ,
Haseen Dilkash Jawaan urdu,

 CHINAR SHADE by Autarmota is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.
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