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“Come put your feet under my Pheran. I shall rub them . Do not use Kaangri ”

Said my maternal grandfather to me . I went to him complaining sudden redness and pain in one of my toes. He said “ Ye Chhuyee Shooh Gomutt. ” Meaning this is frostbite . With his rubbing , I felt  warmth and a little comfort. The pain turned mild . I heard him singing in kashmiri

“Bisht Bisht Braaryo
Khotakho Vunn .
Torraa kyaah Voluth
Babri Punn.
Su Kamunn Chhokuth

I do not know when I slept and where the pain went . May be the  lines of the song had played their role effectively. This and many similar songs were meant for children . I was always amused when I heard some one singing them. Whenever I played with my Maternal cousins , we would sing

“Raaja Bhaai Raaja
Kyon Kotwaal
Srinagar Me Chor Aayaa
Kiss Raaste
Iss Raaste”

A cousin sister of mine would play with us and sing

Okuss Bokuss Tillwaien Tsokuss,
Onumm Batukh Lodhum Deghee,
Shawl Kich Kich Wangno.

I am certainly talking of a period when only some families had the privilege of having the radio sets or transistors . My Father had bought this luxury for us . Radio Ceylon with Amin Sayani as the announcer was quite popular. I still remember the advertisement for LOMA hair oil. Television was totally unheard of . We did remember many hindi songs but friends in school and my cousins would frequently sing the kashmiri children songs while at play. Money was a scarce commodity. The state government clerks would be offered a special selection grade on promotion satirically  still known as Rs 70-6-130.  we had a community radio set  in Jogi Lanker chowk . Generally people would come out and listen to news over there.  I remeber some boys in our locality singing

“Kaav Butt Kaavo
Khechri Kaavo

We had a teacher in DAV school Rainawari Radha krishen By name . He was Tall and would spend some time in his class on issues not connected with studies . He would ask two boys to get up and do “GUFTGU ”. The boys were supposed to curse each other in choicest words or call nick names . Entire class and the teacher would join them with  their sadistic smiles on this  so to say one act play .One day I heard Radah Krishen  saying

“Tsrind Grindumm Te Mong Daal

Okhun sahibuss Khatan Haal ”

I did not know the meaning of these words but they some how caught my fancy . later I heard many relatives also using these lines while playing with their children. The lines actually mean that a teacher( Okhun ) is generally poor . So When he performs circumcision of his child he just cooks Daal and ordinary food. No Mutton or lavish dishes .These songs had enormous effect on young minds  . Mothers would lull their babies to sleep with these songs. These were sung by children while playing . Elders would humour them with young kids. No Kashmiri  of my age  can say that he does not know them . Some other songs which we used to sing as children are

Habba kadal loraan
Zaina Kadal Ladhaan
Bisht Mouj vadhaan

Hop Lop Chhop Kurr
Mauj Gayee Greit bal,
Torra anni Saut Pull
Audd thaav Chunduss
Su Poshee Vanduss
Audd  Thaav Aaliss
su Poshee Reit kaaliss

In DAV school ,We had a class fellow whom we called Nikka Razdaan .He would sing Ladee Shaah . Here goes what he sang

LadeeShaah Ladeeshaah  Daari  Kin  Pyaav
Pyaavanai Pyaavanai  Haaptunn  Khyaav .
Budd  Mauj  Budd  Mauj  Kenh Nai  Guvv
Tse  tulum  Trum Tai  Baa  Tulai Nai
Vataan  vataav  Naavid  Khai
Bakshi  Sahib  Naavi  Munz  Saer  Karaan
Musaafir  Aayoss  Bataah  Mendiss
Chonch  Dhubb  Loynuss  khor Tendis .

Somtimes our neighbour Ritch Maal would come to our house and gossip with my mother . Once I heard her singing smilingly

Tul Paluvv Tul Paluvv
Voth Tseluvv Voth Tseluvv
Baani Haali Buth Chhaluvv.

My sisters studied in Vishwa Bharti college Rainawari. I vividly remember them saying that a person by name Sarva Nand had a shop in the college and many girls would tell him

Sarvananduss  Kokur  Chanduss
Vanduss  Karaan  kuk Du Koon.

These lines always created a desire in me to see Sarvanand Physically . Alas I could not

On shivratri day I would wait curiously to see my mother with  a pitcher full of walnuts (soaked in water ) on her head knocking our main door and singing

Thuk Thuk
Kuss Chhuvaa.
Raam Brorr
Kyaah Heuth
Anna Heuth
Dhann Heuth
Roozi Heuth
Rozgaar Heuth .
Ghar Heuth
Gupan Heuth
Nosh Heuth
Koor heuth
Munz  Kuss Chhuv
Shiv Naath Te Paarvati

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