Monday, December 7, 2009


Dekh To Dil Ki jaan Se Uthataa hai .
Ye dhuan Saa kahaan se Uthataa hai.
Yuun uthe Aah us gali se ham,
Jaise koi jahaan se Uthtaa hai.
Naalaa sar khenchtaa hai jab mera,
Shor ek Aasmaan se uthataa hai.
( Mir Taqi Mir )

This is how Dry Chinar leaf charcoal is made in kashmir. This charcoal is locally known as Punn Tsenei( Chinar Leaf Charcoal ) .This charcoal is most effective tool to fight winter in kashmir. It is used in Kangris . During October and november you see people burning these leaves in parks and gardens to make charcoal. There is a skill involved in making charcaol from these dry Chinar leaves . A stick , water buckets and a technique to douse flames is needed . A little carelessness and you have just Ash .

Now i shall say something about Samad Mir . Samad Mir (1894-1959) was an Aari Kash(Timber sawing ) at Timber godowns in Srinagar for most part of his life. Born in village Nambal haar , he moved to srinagar in search of livelihood. He also worked as a labourer in Maharaja Hari singh 's palace in srinagar .This experience he put in his long poem Vepraavun pyom( i had to make compromises ).He was almost illiterate. Inspite of this ,he rose to become one of the towering Mystical poets of kashmiri Language who combined Islamic Sufism with Hindu Vedanta in his poetry. Samad Mir has used the folk tale of Akanandun to give expression to his own mystical experiences and present a synthesis between Tassavuf and Shaivism .

Dulloo family had many houses in Rainawari. They Lived in Moti Yaar area .During their marriages, they would Call the renowned CHAKRI singer Gh Ahmed sofi ( Ama Kandhur ) , who lived in Rainawari, to sing for the Mehndi Raat . In One such gathering late sofi sahib sang a beautiful composition of Samad Mir called TARAWATI . It is actually a combination of Hindu Shaivism and Islamic Tassavuf at its peak. The Number became popular in kashmir as TARAWATI ( Name of a Kashmiri Pandit women Generally ) . I quote some lines from this poem:-

Praraan Praraan Tarawati
Aeti Tse Nazar Traav .
Puzai Khaarith Jaafir Fatiye
Aeti Tse Nazar Traav.
( samad Mir )

( O Tarawati! why do you wait for thy Lord?
look around thy self only .
Baskets full of marigold you bring for your Puja ,
Look around thyself only .)
( Translation a k mota )

Another poem of samad Mir goes as under

Tunn Naar Daez Aarwali
Kyoh Kalee karu Thehraav.
Yaavunn Lolhath loli,
Bei Akki Latti Roi Haav,
Dohay Vuchh Hai Thali Thali ,
Kyoh Kali Karu Thehraav.
( samad Mir )