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                         ( Near the Waterfall )

                            ( Prang Waterfall )

( Avtar Mota at Prang.. September 2023)


During our school days, we visited Prang two or three  times for annual excursions . I have also visited Kangan, Manigaam ,and Naranag in this area during my college days and thereafter  . I was always fascinated by the gorgeous Sindh stream passing  through this valley apart from the greenery,forests and scenic beauty of the area.This is the same Sindh stream that joins Jhelum near Shadipur creating one of the most sacred confluences in the Kashmir valley. The Chinar tree at the confluence is still there . Kashmiri Pandits consider this confluence as sacred as Prayag Sangam  near  Allahabad . 

 During my latest visit, I found Prang  is facing neglect insofar as developing it as tourist destination is concerned. Unfortunately ,the beautiful  banks of the Sindh stream are being used for washing vehicles.Can't we develop them as long stretch of  gardens or parks. Can't we  build   approach roads , restrooms,  rain shelters, boarding and lodging facilities  at  these scenic banks that are full of pretty  willow trees . This is a totally under-exposed place although  tourists pass through this valley for their onward journey to Sonamarg . Right from Srinagar,I couldn't find any board or milestone with "Prang"  written on it .  Prang  has all the requisite potential for developing  it as tourist destination. For tourists, Prang, Manasbal and  Naranag could be an  ideal circuit . Prang is hardly  40 km from Srinagar city.   Falling on the  Srinagar- Leh highway , it is  the nearest  scenic spot from  Srinagar city..

.( Avtar Mota )

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