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N S BENDRE (1910-1992) was a renowned artist of the country who worked for more than 16 years at Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara ( 1950-1966 ) as HOD painting. It is pertinent to add that this artist had a special liking for the people of J&K state . He had worked as a journalist cum painter in the state for about 3 years (1936 to 1939 ). Sri  Triloke Kaul ,well known artist informed me that for sometime, he stayed in the Nawab Bazaar, ( Srinagar) house of Dr Shiv Ji .He would go out of his way to help budding artist from the state who came to Baroda .  Some noted painters from Kashmir  like G R Santosh,  Prof. Ratan Parimu and Triloke kaul   were trained by   N S Bendre in Baroda .Other notable artists trained by him are students were Balkrishna Patel, Gulam Mohammed Sheikh, Haku Shah, Jayant Parikh, Jyoti Bhatt, Kamudben Patel, Naina Dalal, Shri Ranjitsinh Pratapsinh Gaekwad and  Shanti Dave.

                     ( N S Bendre  at work )
Apart from many other awards , Bendre was honoured with Padma-Bhushan by GOI in 1991. He had  been already  awarded PadamShri in 1969. His most famous works include ,Hairdo (1949), "The Sunflower" (1955), "Monkey" (1957), "The Cow and the Calf" (1948), "The Female Cowherd" (1956), "Homebound", "The Bullock Cart" , "Gossip" ," Mother And Child","Flower selling Women ","The Basket Weaver of Kerela", Happy Monsoon" , "Three Women", "Mor-Med-Barn", "Women Selling Fruits", and "Women in the Field". He did innumerable untitled paintings , landscapes sketches,portraits( including the famous portrait of Mrs Indira Gandhi ) and posters . I am informed that Bendre had also done a series of scenic landscapes of Kashmir. I could only find five.

G R Santosh ( who was trained by Bendre ) would often pay due respects to his teacher or N S Bendre by saying this :-

" Hamaare Guru mile Brahmgyaani " 

( My teacher has been the knower of the Truth ) 

( Avtar Mota)

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