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Avtar Mota feels this:-

The day I came to know about Shiva and his universal presence , I have not lived a day when I haven't felt him around, within and at every place that I visited . For me he is in the breeze as I go out for my morning walk.He is in the chirping of the birds and also in the dew laden flowers that i see every morning. He in the heart wrenching exasperation of my brothers from any group or society who are striving for dignity, equality ,justice and sympathy . He is in the benevolance and smiles of many kind hearted people who are genuinely busy in serving the suffering humanity.

He is there in the locomotion of every human being or in the contrived tools that create energy and inertia. I see him as a Universal force present in the roar of the aircrafts and jet planes that speed past over my head up above in the sky. He is there in the glaciers ever busy in melting the snow so that our rivers bring us drinking water. He is there in the music I hear.In every Raaga that I listen ,  I feel his presence. Reminding me of his companion Shakti, he is in every musical Jugalbandhi that creates beats. As Aradhnarishwara , he guides me into Advaita. He is there in Rasa ,Dhwani and Bhasha that has no script.His Tandava , I see in the dance of the winds, sea waves and trees trapped in a windstorm.The clouds that appear ,disappear and reappear in the sky remind me of his role as creator, sustainer and destroyer. In the smiles of children, in the undemanding love of our mothers , in the faithfulness of a life partner,in the warmth and sympathy of my well wishers and in every act of thankfulness.

 In the hospitals where children are born, in the schools where knowledge is imparted and at the crematorium where we face the ultimate reality, I see Shiva. I see him when the seeds are sown. I see him when tender shoots appear. I see him when the crops are harvested.

Can I deny his presence ? My Shiva is everywhere.....



( Avtar Mota)

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