Tuesday, October 5, 2021



                                    ( A  Kashmiri Pandit woman in a  refugee camp  at Jammu )

 Here is my poem 'Ghara Vaapasi 'with English translation ....

(Ghara vaapasi)

Az syui chhu vanaan ghar vaapas pakh
yeim raath korus majboor Seytha
Ghar traavith pata  baalan tarnas
Az tas chha gamitch parteet khatam
Prazneth raavith buth deun mushqil
Kuni vaeti niyihe beyi tath shaharas
Rata daavi palav hyath yeti kodahas
Me chhu tchhaandaan az  paanas baapat
Buth chhalihe karihe nau sauda...

( Avtar Mota)

(He shouts loud for my return today,
He, who yesterday ,
forced me to leave my home
  and cross the mountains.
Today ,he has lost that trust and face,
Who  can face the world  should he lose his face or identity?
He  wants to drag me to that city,
Where from I was driven away in blood soaked clothes,
Now for his  needs,he wants me there  ,
My  presence might enable him
To wash his face and go for another deal.)

(Avtar Mota)

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