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Avtar Mota  ( Day 2 (1) S.No, 15 ) reciting his  three  Kashmiri poems with English translation in the online ..Kritya International Poetry Festival organized by Rati


 I read these three kashmiri  poems written by me, Thes poems  were also  translated into English by me and I read the English translation as well. ..

                              Poem No 1

(Saani Jalawatani hundh  doh)

Da'zavieni Gaejji deut paan Duul Daarithh

Yelli Kraekh Gayi " He Naar Haa Naar "

Pataa Pataa Paetch Marghat  tchhaaya aessi

Puthh Vuchhahuv Tathh  maa Oss Vaar

Daeh Tchheita  beyi Kaaviej  assuna Ouss

Dazvvun Ouss  Shamshaanun Naar

Shraana Garrien Hundh Ouss  Yuun gatchhuna

Tobudhan hundh  Ou'ss  Bazaar ..

Neithhanon Thosukh Kadala  Tathiss  Pyaath  ,

Budshaah Raaza  su Paalanhaar.

Dhaan Kutchhii Matchie Manz  Shropp Ghar Deevta

Guel Mooraan , Dumm Phaeit Laatchaar ..

Astaaneitch   Dashie Vuchhie  Naalienn manz

Tchhotaa Deiruss Pyath Aeiss  Dastaar..

Buddie Kuethi Vuchh Tchirniev Kien Tamie Dohh

Aangan Patchie Barinein hundh Naar ..

Thokur Kuthi gayi Kraekh " Kuss Traavithh  "

*Kaawa Patchienn Pyaath Thhov Loktchaar ..

 Sombrithh Haavas  bur  gayi neerithh

Akh Log Laar Ta Akh Log Daar  ..

Gatkaaruss Manz  Zoov Roa'tt  Motchhi manz

Botchhi Hoat  Deut Sheena Baalus Taar ..”


( Avtar Mota )

Here is the English translation done by me …

( The day of   our exile   )

(Throwing a pitcher of water over it ,

we doused the kitchen fires

when cries of "Fire ! Fire ! " spread all around .

A Death shadow kept trailing us on paths, 

 and fright  came in our way even to look back .
But for   guffaws of the crematorium  caretakers,

a smoky silence prevailed  all over

 while endless burned the fires  in the cremation grounds .

Hectic remained the activity of  corpse bathers ,

and brisk  the business in the  coffin bazaar .

Naked ,they dragged him down the bridge, 

 he who happened to be  our protector ,

our beloved  Sultan Budshaah( Zain ul Abdin )  .

Shocked , dumb and helpless ,

the Ghar Dewta ( lord of the house )

hid himself in a big earthen container

in the paddy  store .

 In the filthy drains  outside ,

were thrown  the sacred strings of the  faith

 hung in the shrines  .

And  on  the heaps of dust,

 lay the headgears ( dastaar)  of  our elders .

From the chinks of the windows of the sitting room ,

we saw fires blazing in the wooden fencing of our courtard .

From the  Pooja rooms , the idols cried ,

"In whose  care are you leaving us ?"

And those sweet  memories of childhood ,

we placed on the shelf  meant for

offering  freshly cooked kitchen food  to  the birds .

Ask not about  those desires held close to the heart ,

 Away went one in this direction  while the other  moved in that .


 Holding our lives   in these palms

 and crying with pangs of hunger ,

We crossed the snowy mountains

in total darkness ..)


( Avtar Mota )





Ghar Dewta was a popular concept with Kashmiri Pandits. They would believe that every house was protected by an omnipresent invisible  Dewta ( God ), who, according to the legend, would always be supportive of the positive endeavours of the family.


(2) Sultan Zain ul Abdin or fondly remembered as Budshaah or Great king by Kashmiris, was the most loved and adored king of Kashmir. A liberal Sultan, He is known for popularizing handicrafts, Trade and fine arts in Kashmir. Kashmir witnessed an era of peace, progress and prosperity during his rule. He was specifically compassionate to Hindus who had moved out to the plains due to suppression by earlier sultans.

(3) Every Kashmiri Pandit household had a wooden shelf kept near kitchen window or at some convenient place on the outer wall of the house where freshly cooked food was placed every morning for crows and other birds. This wooden shelf was known as Kaawa Paett ( Shelf for crows ).

(4) Thokur Ku’th or Pooja Room was an essential feature of a typical Kashmiri Pandit house. Age-old idols, images of gods, conch shells, bells, lamps and sacred scriptures/ books were kept in this room. Every day the head of the family would perform Pooja with flowers. Earthen lamps with oil were lit and incense was also burnt for worshipping gods.

(5) Every Kashmiri (  Pandit and Muslim ) house especially in rural areas, had a 'Dhaan Ku’th' or a room meant for storing paddy after the harvest. This paddy was stored in a big earthen container known as 'Dhaan Mae’tt'. A normal person could conveniently hide inside this earthen container.




                                                                        Poem no 2


(  Haar )

Bar gomut nethanon nanavor
Lobh kuun praraan aur na yor
Waqtan tchheta kornas chikchaav
Hey kas  roshi ta kas kari graav
samayan dopnas doa'dh ma bhaav
Ath manz neraan taemsundh naav
Vaen neerith gayi prath kaanh naav
Vaen kuss gossa ta vaen kossa graav
Vaen Mata vaentov  ' praar tse  praar'
Baeth gayi khaali kuus diyi taar?"

(Avtar Mota)

Here is the English translation done by me …

( The defeat )

(An outsider, naked and barefooted,
waiting aside,
Neither with this group nor with that.
And within him,
time subdued every hope  and all flamboyance,
O friend,  what for and to whom
should he
complain now?
This time  put a restrain upon us to  express our suffering ,
as the name of our tormentor also appears in that painful story.

Now ,there is neither any complaint
nor any ill feeling either.
Every boat that would carry  us across has departed.
Don't keep telling  "Wait , you wait a little more "

The river banks are deserted ,         
Who will  ferry us  across   now ?

( Avtar Mota )

                                         Poem No 3


( Saen Kath )


“Pataa  Pataa  pheer  aiess

tchhaai  ta vaavus ,

daaryein pyaath thhaeiv

taapus haavus ,

Vaharaetch joi yeli

Va'tchh heruv Kien

Yendraha dossa Aeiss Gayi Mismaar

…………………………….Lal taer baalus

……………………………Reish trov Tsraar





Votha-vaarus  munz

Thappi  thossi  Doh  Kodd
Khonvatt  khodd  khon

 Bonnie Muhul Kodd

Phokka doonis Pyaath

Zoona Dabba  khaar

Akki Doh Log ath Jum Jum Naar

 ……………  Soor Ambaarus

…………… Tchieni Phael Tchaar



 ( Avtar Mota )


Here is the English translation done by me …


    ( Our Story )


(We kept chasing

the shadows and the wind.

During sunshine ,

these unfulfilled desires,

we hung on windows .

When the heavy torrent

gushed  down the stairs within

the dwelling,

the frail mud wall

got washed away..

…………………………….. And  then *Laleshwari moved across the hills

…………………………… And the *Reshi abandoned  Tsraar town .


Dragging and pulling ,

in this upheaval ,

the day was somehow spent .

At times , we did perform miracles ,

digging a well with  the elbow

or passing a wooden pestle

through a Chinar tree trunk .

A palace we erected on a water bubble ,

and then one day,

that all engulfing fire

turned it to ash .

…………………………..From the heap of that  ash ,

                                          we are now told to look for charcoal pieces .



 (Avtar Mota)

·     *Laleshawari is well known 14th-century saint poetess of Kashmir. Through her verses, she preached brotherhood and tolerance apart from illuminating knowledge of Kashmir’s Shaiva Darshana. She is held in the highest esteem by Hindus and Muslims of Kashmir. Her verses are known as Vaaks. She belonged to  Pampore, a town on the outskirts of Srinagar city.



·     *  Sheikh Noor ud Din also know as Nund Ryosh was the tallest saint of Kashmir's Reshi order. He lived a very simple life and preached brotherhood. He was an admirer of Lallaeshwari. He is held in the highest esteem by Kashmiris across the religious divide. The verses composed by Nund Ryosh are known as Shruks. His Ziyarat is located at village Tsraar in Kashmir. He lived during the rule of Sultan Zain ul Abdin, a tolerant ruler of Kashmir.


                 ( Well known Malayalam poet K Satchidanandan  read the Inaugural Speech and opened the festival by reading his poems )   
                       Details of participating poets 

                         Day-1(1) July 04, 2021 Sunday

2. K Satchidanandan --- Inaugural Speech, & poetry Reading
a. (An Eminent Poet and Thinker) –India
3. Hanan Awwad -Guest of Honour, Poetry reading
a. Eminent poet,President -International League for Peace and Freedom –Palestine
4. Ko Un - Guest of Honour- Poetry Reading
a. (Eminent poet, Monk, thinker) –South Korea
5. Vishal Bhardwaj - Guest of Honour- Poetry Reading (Eminent Filmmaker, Poet)
a. -India
Vinita Agrawal- Convenor - Eminent Poet, Kritya advisor
Sukrita Paul Kumar- VOTE OF THANKS- Eminent Poet, kritya advisor
b. Translations -- Sukrita Paul Kumar and Rekha Sethi

                         Day-1(2) July 04, 2021 Sunday Poets 7

6. Tribute to Shankh Gosh (Poetry of the poet, read by Mita Das)
7. Ghassan Alkhunaizi -Saudi Arabia
8. Medha Singh English -India
9. Sahar Andajsani – Iran-
10. Vandana Tete –Hindi, India
11. Maria Miraglia – Italy
12. Suryashant Tripathi –Oriya, India
Convenor -- Vaishnavi Rao
Translation Reading Hindi Mita Das

                     Day-2(1) July 05, 2021 Monday Poets 7
13. K Srilata -English- India ( correction to be done)
14. Hamidreza Shekarsari -Iran
15. Avtar Mota -Kashmiri -India
16. Eldar Akhadov -Azerbaijan
17. Savita Singh -Hindi- India 18. Anil Boro- Assamese– India
19. Vijayaraja Mallika-Malayalam, India
Convenor-Babitha Justin
Reading hindi – Mita Das
                       Day-2(2) July 05, 2021 Monday Poets 7
20. Sharmila Ray –English, India
21. Michael Augustin -Germany
22. Aanand Singh-Hindi, India
23. Anna Lombardo-Italy
24. Keshab Sigdel – Nepal
25. Kinshuk Gupta-Hindi, India
26. Mita Das-Hindi, India
Convenor– Smitha Sehgal
                         Day-3(1) July 06, 2021 Tuesday Poets 7
27. Sukrita paul Kumar- English, India
28. Jabar kakaei-Iran
29. Jamuna Bini-Hindi , India
30. Sungrye Han-Korea
31. Shila Biswas -Bangla , India
32. P N Shad -Kashmiri , India
33. Ioana Morpurgo-Romania
Convenor – Rekha Sethi
                          Day-3(2) July 06, 2021 Tuesday Poets
34. Jayashree C Kambar-Kannada, India
35. Feroze Natique Khusro-Pakistan
36. Panna Trivedi – Gujarati, India
37. Manish Yadav- Hindi, India
38. Aparna Mohanty- Oriya –India
39. Savithri Rajeevan-Malayalam, India
40. Ramesh Prajapati-Hindi-India
Convenor – Kamayani Vishisht
                      Day-4(1) July 07, 2021 Wednesday Poets 7

41. Anton Baev-Bulgaria
42. Ambika Datta Chaturvedi –Rajasthani, ,India
43. Marwa Nabil Mahmoud Ezzedin-Egypt
44. Hemant Divate-Marathi, India
45. A'zam Obidov-Uzbekistan
46. Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah- BangladeshShikdar Mohammed Kibriah
47. Sanjeev Kumar-Hindi, India
Convenor – Pooja Pryiamvada
                      Day-4(2) July 07, 2021 Wednesday Poets 7
48. Pratishtha Pandya-Gujarati,India
49. Nilambri Ghai-USA
50. Azeem Thannimoodu-Malayalam , India
51. Silvia Eugina Castellero -USA
52. Swati Deepak Damodare-Marathi ,India
53. Hannie Rauwler-Netherlands
54. Margaret Saine-USA
Convenor- Smitha Sehgal
                         Day-5(1) July 08, 2021 Thursday Poets 7
55. Ali Al-Shalah-Iraq
56. Abhijit Palchoudhuri- Bangla,India
57. Vipin Choudhary-Hindi,India
58. Cao Shui-China
59. Chandramohan Satyarthy-India
60. Kamal Vora-Gujarati, India
61. Philip Nikolayev-Russia
Convenor–Smitha Sehgal
                      Day-5(2) July 08, 2021 Thursday Poets 7
62. Sergio Infante-Chile
63. Shail Raghuvanshi- English, India
64. Sidheshwar Singh–Hindi, India
65. Rajesh Pandya-Gujarati, India
66. Vijaya Singh -Hindi , India
67. Usha Akella-USA
68. Ramachandran P P –Malayalam,India
Convenor – Pooja Pryiamvada
                   Day-6(1) July 09, 2021, Friday Poets 7
69. Ranu Uniyal-English India
70. Aurelia Lassaque- France
71. Prithiraj Taur -Marathi, India
72. Job Degenaar –Netherlands
73. Azam Quadri-Hindi ,India
74. Hans D. Amadé Esperer-Germany
75. Aditya Shankar –Malayalam-English, India
Convenor – Kamayani Vishisht
                      Day 6(2) July 09, 2021, Friday Poets 7
76. Maram Al Masri-Syria
77. Anju Makhija-India
78. Вадим Терёхин-Russia
79. Usha Rani Rao -Hindi, India
80. Moëz Majed-Tunisia
81. Moulya Swamy -Kannada, India
82. Yesudas D- Malayalam India
Convenor -- Vaishnavi Rao
Translation Reading Mita Das
                  Day7(1) July 10, 2021 Saturday Poets 7
83. Bengt Berg-Sweden
84. Babitha Justin-English, India
85. Julie Boden-UK
86. Rajendra Prasad-Kannada, India
87. Shurouk Hammoud - Syria
88. Shaiju Alex - Malayalam India
89. Namdev Madhav Koli -Marathi, India
Convenor – Kamayani Vishisht
                      Day7(2) July 10, 2021 Saturday Poets 7
90. Graciela Aráoz-Argentina
91. Basudev Sunani- Oriya -India
92. Wang Ping-China/USA
93. Diti Ronen-Israel
94. Alberto López Serrano-EL Salvador
95. Leonardo Herrmann– Argentina
96. Sarita Jenamani -Austria
Convenor– Shelly Bhoil
                       Day8(1) July 11, 2021 Sunday Poets 7
97. Sanket Mhatre -Marathi-India
98. Katarina Sarić-Black Mountain Republic
99. Vaishnavi Rao-English -India
100. Smitha Sehgal-Malayalam –India
101. Lawrence Schimel-Madrid, Spain
102. Barkat Hoth- Baluchistan ,Iran
103. Shobhana Kumar-English, India
Convenor– Shelly Bhoil
                       Day-8(2) July 11, 2021 SundayPoets 7
104. Kedar Mishra – Oriya,India
105. Hasan Erkek- Turkey
106. Azhagiya Periyavan -Tamil, India
107. Ashraf Aboul-Yazid-Egypt
108. Anesce Dremen-USA
109. Ranjana Sharan Sinha-English, India
110. Ajay Varma Alluri -Telugu
111. Vibha Rani- Maithili, India
Convenor – Pooja Pryiamvada
                      Day -9 (1) July 12, 2021 Monday Poets 7
112. Vinita Agrawal-English, India
113. Bilal al Masri –Lebanon
114. Zolani Mkiva -S Africa
115. Ravi Shanker-English,India
116. Hanumant Chandgude - Marathi-India
117. Edina Berna-Hungary
118. Dushyant-Hindi-India
Convenor–Shail Raghuvanshi
                    Day-9(2) July 12, 2021 Monday Poets 7
119. Arundhati Subramanian, English. India
120. Sujata Bhatt-Germany 121. Víctor Rodríguez Núñez - Cuba-USA"
122. Ming Di China/USA
123. Shelly Bhoil-Brazil
124. Nirupama Datt-Punjabi, India
125. Paul Catafago,-Palestina/USA 126. Anil Karki-Hindi, India
Convenor – Smitha Sehgal
                     Day-10(1) July 13, 2021 Tuesday Poets 7
127. Chaitanya Audichya-Hindi, India
128. Arathi HN, Kannada , India
129. Mai phan Van–Vietnam
130. Muni Devendra Singh – Bhojpuri,India
131. Jhelum Tribedi-Bangla–India 132. Pabitra Mohan Dash- Oriya-India
133. Anil D-Malayalam.India
Convenor -Usha Rani Rao –
                       Day-10(2) July 13, 2021 Tuesday Poets 7
134. John Guzlowski-USA
135. Mohammed El Hedeiny-Egypt
136. Koon Woon-China-USA
137. Pooja Priyamvada – Hindi, India
138. Farid Khan-Hindi,India 139. Gulzeb Zeba -Pakistan 140. Kamayani Vashishta -Hindi,English-India
139 and 140 Convenor– Babitha Justin .....Mita Das
141 Valedictory Speech and poetry reading by Subodh Sarkar
142. Convenors will share their experiences
143. Festival Director’s Note-RATI SAXENA

          (Avtar Mota)

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