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   ( Hatim Telvyon..The traditional  Story teller from Kangan, Kashmir wearing a Pheran with Laadh)
( A Kashmiri Muslim woman wearing a Pheran with Laadh )

  (Mrs Assiza ,the Doonga woman wearing a Pheran with Laadh Photographed by Marion Doughty in 1898 A.D. in Srinagar)


In olden days, there was little  difference in the Pheran  ( cloak or an overall ) of  a poor   Kashmiri Pandit and Muslim   . The pheran used by  Muslims also had the usual  'Laadh' . Both ,Pandits and Muslims would  use  Khraav ( wooden Sandals or Khadaaoon) or a Pull'hor in their feet .  Laadh was/is a fold of the cloth on a long Pheran at its bottom. The Laadh was possibly meant to cover shrinkage of the cloth .It could also be for some other reasons ; I am not sure. However , Khraav( wooden sandals)  and  Pull'hor ( dry grass sandal) was used by Pandits and Muslims. Later while Pandits retained the Laadh in their Pherans , Muslims made  Pherans without Laadh.

Beneath this long Pheran , a common Kashmiri   could easily hide  his poverty .See page 24 of the book :-

( Avtar Mota)


Marion Doughty was in Kashmir  sometime at the close of 19th century. Mrs Assiza cooked food for Doughty . Marion Doughty lived in a  Doonga. This photo and details are from  Marion Doughty's book"  Afoot Through The kashmir Valleys" published in 1901.
I have seen some old photos of 19th  and early 20th century wherein Pandit and Muslim Pherans have Laadh..

Hatem  Tilawoen ,the professional story teller from Kashmir was always seen in a  Pheran with Laadh. Aurel Stein  met him along with Pandit Govind Koul. He was a shepherd from Kangan area , illiterate yet a master story teller.

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